After Forever 
~reviewed by Joel Steudler

"Nicely produced but dreadfully unoriginal gothy powermetal ala Nightwish."  That could be my whole review of After Forever's Exordium mini-CD, and you wouldn't be missing any information vital to your purchasing decision.  You -would- miss my sparkling wit, though, so I will try and carry on... for your sake.

What's there to say?  You have guitars, playing rhythms and melodies you've heard before.  You have a sweet voiced female songstress, belting out the obligatory theatrics.  There's a monster-voiced guy that pops in now and then.  They sing.  The music plays.  On spins the millstone of genre regurgitation, endlessly grinding originality into mulch.  At least the production is nice, and there's nothing overtly low-quality that will make you want to gouge your ears out.

The twenty-six minute long Exordium MCD is accompanied by a DVD that has a bunch of stuff on it for fans of the band, mainly.  There's a video for 'My Choice' which is a bit tame as music videos go.  You also get concert footage of 'The Evil That Men Do'.  There are behind the scenes bits, and art, lyrics, and photos... none of which excited me even a little.  It's all nicely presented, and I have no real complaints other than: "it seems geared exclusively to people who already like 'After Forever'... and I am not one of them."

So, fans of the band, buy this and you will likely get your money's worth.  Everyone else: don't bother giving it a second look.

Track List:
Disc 1 After Forever - Exordium
01.) Line Of Thoughts 2.15
02.) Beneath 4.52
03.) My Choice 4.53
04.) Glorifying Means 5.00
05.) The Evil That Men Do 4.50
06.) One Day Ill Fly Away 4.43

Disc 2 Insights - DVD
01.) My Choice (Video Clip)
02.) Making of My Choice
03.) Studio Recordings
04.) Slide Show
05.) Artwork 

After Forever is:
Floor Jansen - Soprano
Sander Gommans - Guitars, solo, grunts
Bas Maas Guitars, solo
Lando van Gils - Synths
Luuk van Gerven - Bassguitar
Andre Borgman - Drums, acoustic guitars 

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