Apocalypse Pow! 
Smash The Superstition
~review by Matthew Heilman

Apocalypse Pow deliver a rousing, wicked style of Dance Punk from Richmond VA.  Tight grooves, eccentric synths, loud pinches of guitar, percussive bass and vocals that volley between distanced wails and rhythmic snarling chants. The debut EP kicks off with “I Am Your Density,” a pummeling explosively restrained track that will immediately have your head bobbing and your neck swinging.  Irresistible up-beat drumming and strong melodic guitar hooks characterize “It Makes Me Sexy When You Say That.”  And indeed, I hope it does. “Diamonds Of War” sports a shuffling slinky rhythm cut through by some explosive guitar crunch.  “Apocalypse Pow!” is a succinct and effective thrashing, while “Smash The Superstition” sounds like what would happen if Iron Maiden went Electroclash.  Throughout the entire EP it seems as though Dan the guitarist graduated from heavy metal to play this kind of stuff.  His riffs are just too melodic and similar in technique to metal…which is a great thing for it definitely sets this band quite apart from the vast amount of bands out there exploring similar territory.

Overall I quite liked this CD, its extremely listenable, has personality in droves, and is not afraid to unleash a bit of thrash-inspired muscle when necessary.  The retro synths are used in moderation and the vocals work very well with the typhoons of noise they soar above.  While my life hasn’t been significantly altered now that I have heard them, Apocalypse Pow is certainly worth investigation, perhaps checking them out live would be twice as rewarding.  Like their songs, I will elect to keep my review short and bittersweet.

Track List:
1.) I Am Your Density
2.) It Makes Me Sexy When You Say That
3.) Diamonds Of War
4.) Apocalypse Pow!
5.) Smash The Superstition

Apocalypse Pow is:
Dan – guitar, vocals
Vivian – synth, organ, vocals
Broox – bass
Andrew – drums

Apocalypse Pow:

Pop Faction Records: