~reviewed by Goat

I’ve been waiting for this CD to be born into the world ever since I heard that Holger and Susanne were working on a new one.  I’d really liked what I’d heard of them so far, and so my fingers trembled a little when I ripped the package open.

I am not disappointed!  If you are a fan of bands like Death In June or Blood Axis, you will absolutely love this Belborn album.  Gentle and powerful, sincere and elegant.  Belborn remind me musically of what it felt like to stand at the foot of a castle in Austria that took six hundred years to build.  They remind me of what it feels like to stand at the base of a tree that is big enough around to drive a car through.  Their music has a timeless quality to it; it reminds me of how small I am in the universe, and yet how important all the little pieces of the cosmos are.

I also appreciate that Belborn sing all of their songs in their native tongue, which is German.  I have always loved listening to German operas and I love the sensation of not knowing what the words are and yet somehow understanding what they mean.  Majesty and honor and pride and longing.  My heart soars when I hear this music!

This is without question a masterpiece in Belborn’s growing catalog.  I intend to wear this CD out by the end of summer.

Also included on the CD is a CD-rom video of the song “Notfeuer”.  The video is almost painfully beautiful in its eager assertion and affirmation of life; I feel amazed that people still go to the lengths that Holger and Susanne do to create a body of artwork, music, and video that all work together so flawlessly and with such careful attention to detail.  I am, once again, overjoyed to let my life now by influenced by repeated interactions with this music, this motion.

Track Listing:
Jedem Das Seine
Chor Der Toten
Wir Konnen Sehen
1000 Jahre
Eure Tranen Bedeuten Nichts
Sohne Der Sonne,
Tochter Des Morgens,
Kinder Des Lichts.
(+CD-ROM video of Notfeuer).

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