Midnight Spookshow
~review by Basim

Calabrese write flawless songs. Iíve spent sleepless nights in my room dealing with a throbbing head and eyes covered in red veins hoping to find SOMETHING to bitch about. Imagine the drama of Danzig 3 filtered through the song writing ear of both Charlie Hodges and Red West (the team behind Elvisís hits), and youíll get close to describing this opus. The album opens up with roaring harmonized vocals that tag a phrase thatís repeated at least four times in 2 minutes. Of course youíll never get tired of it because the drums and bass change the feel of their playing at least as many times! The drums roll on their way up from the verse to the chorus, and they pound their way back down to punctuate the change back. The bassist knows when to grind along with the drums, and when to swerve out of the way to give the song some breathing space. The vocals are what really kill me though. Since the two vocalists (Bobby and Jimmy Calabrese) have such a remarkable texture to each of their voices, they can get away with doubling or repeating the same melodies a number of times without it ever getting old. Another thing Iíd like to give kudos on is that this CD came shrink wrapped in spider webs, in a package filled with bouncing pumpkin toys and awesome Halloween sour candy. This is the most authentic revival of the ĎStatic Ageí sound that Iíve ever heard; a younger Danzig could have only dreamed of working with musicians as gifted as these.

Albums like this are so refreshing to me, instead of having to deal with 40 minutes of clumsy ideas I get 15 minutes of finely tuned, catchy as hell songs. Blu wanted me to do a top ten, but all I can really come up with is a top one. This is the best cd Iíve heard all year. 

 Calabrese is
Bobby Calabrese on Vocals/Guitars
Dave Calabrese on Drums
Jim Calabrese on Bass/Vocals

   Midnight Spookshow
   Come Alive
   Children of the Night
   Shrunken Head Kids
   Blood in my Eyes