Cesium: 137 
The Fall (EP)
~reviewed by Catherinna

"Cesium:137 n: 1. The 137th element of the periodic table. 2. An exceptionally strong and extremely poisonous mind-altering substance. 3. An Industrial band in Philiadelphia! (Tonedeaf Records)" 

The Fall is the single track preview to their full length CD Advance and Decay, which is planned to debut this fall. There are 2 individual tracks and 4 remixes of the debut single 'The Fall' featured on this CD.  Cesium:137 is an electro Industrial band.  The edit track is harsh, yet poppy, and has quite a few layers behind the base of the song.  It's extremely catchy and will definitely serve as a good prelude or prolude to a floor packer song in an industrial dance club!!  This single features remixes by other electro artists such as GASR, Assmeblage 23, The Matrix, Dubok, and The Morgen Particle.  Each remix has it's separation from the other, if you listen carefully, but are similar in many aspects.  All are worth mention.   I enjoyed the single, and was equally intrigued by the B-side 'Language Without Lies (Mothertongue mix), remixed by A23.   Definitely worth a listen or two or three!  

the Masterminds behind Cesium:137:
Isaac Glendening - Programming +Sound Design +Vocals + Lyrics + Synths + Sampler 
Matt Cargill - Programming + Sound Design +Direction
Vince - Programming + Percussionist + arrangements 

Isaac and Matt have worked together on this project for several years but with no real cohesiveness or direction until recently, where Vince of Tech 9 joined forces to help them create this electronic/Industrial project we now know as Cesium: 137.   

Track Listing:
1. The Fall (edit)
2. The Fall (GASR j4j mix) http://www.gasr.net/
3. The Fall (Matrix - Morpheus Mix)  http://geocities.com/sunsetstrip/studio/3507/matrix.html
4. Language Without Lies (Mothertongue Mix) rmx by A23 http://www.synthetic.org/a23/
5. The Fall (obfuscated Mix)  rmx by The Morgen Particle (unable to locate a website).
6. The Fall (Ricky Roma Mix)  http://www.nezzwerk.com/dubok/

I would recommend this single to any DJ that spins 'Electro Industrial music' as well as anyone who likes this type of music.  I look forward to following up with a more detailed review of the full length 'Advance and Decay' upon it's release. 

Official Website: http://www.electronika.com/cesium137/
Tonedeaf Records: http://www.tonedeafrecords.com/
Mastered By: http://www.westorangelabs.com/
Isaac Walter Glendening THEBINARY@MSN.COM