Dead 2 Life
~reviewed by Eric Rasmussen

Disconnect is every bad alternative album you never bought. You remember a time in high school, when you were listening to Nine Inch Nails, and people would talk about how NiN and Gravity Kills were "industrial" music, but then you later found out that it had nothing to do with industrial? Well, James Heath never found that out. He calls his music dark alternative and industrial, the latter of which is a totally inappropriate genre label for this style of overdone alternative.

There is very little redeeming value on this CD. The music is lifeless and dull, and with flat production to boot. The riffs all sound alike and could be played by any newcomer to the guitar. The drum programming and samples are standard issue, though it's not quite so bad as the pre-programmed beats that certain keyboards offer. The music really suffers, however, from the vocals. Although Heath does a passable spoken voice and quasi-angry alternative grumble, his clean singing is hilariously bad.

He emphasizes lines ridiculously, and sings them with the kind of old-time flair you'd usually relegate to your local 1950's barbershop quartet. On "Alone", he actually vocalizes a background melody that would normally be filled by a synth, resulting in a hysterical "dew dew dew" sound. Two other vocalists join him on "Pain" (an appropriately titled track, if ever there was one); Heath and the male vocalist take turns, each singing the same crappy lines, making the song twice as bad as it ought to be. The female vocalist jumps in for the chorus, which sounds like something The Kovenant might've done on SETI.

There is only one potential saving grace for this CD. The alternative genre isn't measured by how well artists communicate, but by how much people "feel" the music and identify with it. Many an idiot will see a negative review of his or her favorite band and complain that you shouldn't review it if you don't like it. With the alternative genre, that notion fits better than anywhere else. So, if you do like early to mid-90s alternative, it's possible you might just get into this CD. Otherwise, you'll be stuck listening to four pointless remixes and 10 songs that range from barely tolerable to comically bad.

Track List:
1. Because Of You
2. I'm Too Busy
3. Pain
4. Don't Need Your Silence
5. Alone
6. Please
7. Voyage: Final Fear
8. I'm Sick
9. Quiet
10. Hidden Life (Get Used To It Mix)

Paramaecium 'I'm Not To Blame' remixes
11. The Blamer Mix
12. Too Much Blame Mix
13. It's Not Up To Me Mix

Dead 2 Life is:
James Heath
w/guest vocalists Jenny Heath, Sally Woeliner, Natalie Smith, Luke Brennan

Dead 2 Life - Official Website: