Denver Dark Arts Festival 2002
Official Soundtrack of the Event-Various artists
~reviewed by BlackOrpheus

This cd recently made its way into my hands without fanfare as so many often do. A brief flier accompanied it, basically relating how a non-profit organization was formed in 2002 to promote the Denver dark arts scene. Their first event was apparently successfull drawing over 700 attendees. I imagine this cd was created to promote bands that played at the event? In any regard, this cd contains ten bands I've never heard of, which is a good thing. Starvox is all about promoting those bands that go undeservedly unheralded. This cd contains a fair sampling of those, below are my favorites with brief comments.

PURE DRAMA-"The Time You've Spent" I am utterly smitten. I would say I was even rendered speechless, but I feel compelled to speak for them as eloquently as I am able. This is the one band that stood out in high relief from every other band on this cd(for me anyways). The song is a delicate, fragile web of pure spun emotion. The vulnerable and poignant vocal delivery owes much to Tori Amos and perhaps Kate Bush, if I was pushed to make comparisons. The performance is assured and seasoned with an evident mixture of soulfulness and regret. I hope to hear a LOT more from this band. If you don't buy this cd for any other reason, buy it for the drama, PURE DRAMA that is.

PROJECT 12:01-"Cleo Kisses Caesar" What an imminently listenable song!This song is a delicious melange of sound, that my enraptured ears feasted on without repentance. Percussion, sampling, sly, seductive vocals, nice songwriting from what I could make out. My compliments to the band for the obvious display of chops . Great work!

THE SIREN PROJECT-"Shelter" This is another example of the many hidden gems contained on this disc. There is such artistry present in the music of Siren Project. "Shelter" is highly evocative. Shelter has more than one connotation. It can be a covering and protection, but it also has the capacity to become a prison and oppressive. Malgorzata Wacht's voice is a versatile instrument for expressing the paradox.

In conclusion, I have to express my surprised satisfaction with this disc. You never know what to expect from these offerings, and sadly my expectations are jaded. But, this really was a great sampling of the diversity and quality of the music coming out of the great city of Denver, Colorado. In addition to the above mentioned, the bands CAUSTIC SOUL and DARK ORCHID are also well worth investigating. Give this one a shot. Help to support a great cause; the promotion of a healthy scene and all of the things in it, from which we derive pleasure.

Track Listing:
1.Mind Worms - Reynaldo Alvarado

2. The Time You've Spent - Pure Drama

3. My Shame - Solitary Sinners

4. Cleo Kisses Caesar - Project 12:01

5. Watchers Of Disaster - In Ether

6. Eryx - Caustic Soul

7. Shelter - The Siren Project

8. Hard Wired - Machinegun Symphony

9. Delicate - Erotic
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10. Painter - Dark Orchid

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