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~reviewed by Jett Black 

Music of Exceed 6 Doses unfolds with the langour of despair and longing.  Lusty sexuality exumes a non-aggressive set of vocal duets ... Rather than a sense of desperation, the lyrical development controls the mood as much as the sultry vocals.

1.  None to See   (9:39)  Ghostly contextual lines or poetry convey a sense of loss and longing and resolute acceptance of both desire and resignation.   And dancy electronic interlude and almost has me believing that perhaps a sense of anxiety may be developing between the characters illustrated via the poetic lyrics... these characters resume, however as before to spell out further an elaborate, daily felt recognition of separation, absence and perhaps remorse for remaining behind in the land of the living.

2.  Egypt's Rain   (7:38)  Juliette's introduction here, amid the clap of thunder, falls beautifully into ancient desert valley chant immediately setting a mood befitting the track-title.  Seductively paced sensuality permeates throughout the entirety of this selection.

3.  Sex Magic   (4:42)  This track takes a more aggressive dance approach than the others.  And it's over in less than half the time of some others.  I wonder if that's part of the magic, part of the sex, or both?

4.  Those Things You Never Do   (7:40)  My favourite track!  Perhaps this is what i really wanted from Depeche Mode?  Places even DM wouldn't go lyrically.  Not so challenging really, just more sexy lyrically.  And now I hear it as a duet.   I could definitely fuck to this music now!  The advent of Juliette into Exceed 6 Doses paints the scene more completely for me now.  This track is carried forward from an ealier Exceed 6 Demo, and definitely the one which drew me deeply into a love for E6D from the on-set.

5.  Forever Haunted   (5:18)  Oddly enough, the intro here carries a haunting alarum effect ... well-done.   Revisiting the theme of None to See, Forever Haunted takes a more assertive approach.   A more daunting presence speaks through the lyrical developments herein.

6.  Ego Maniac   (6:13)  The most Psycho-Sonic-like dance track on this demo, the flippant vocals pursue the arrogance of sex-on-the-fly.   A typical night in Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas.  Carries enough base and hyper-dance elements to find it's way into the playlists of electro-roiented dj's everywhere, assuming the promotional side of Exceed 6 Doses takes an interest in servicing the dj's on-demand.

Whether you choose E6D for the dark DJ experience, or put it on Repeat-All for background noise during your next hot & steamy sex marathon, Exceed 6 Doses belongs in your new dark-dance electro demos collection.  
Check out Exceed 6 Doses on

Currently featuring Those Things You Never Do, Egypt's Rain, and None to See, E6d on mp3 displays a charming candid photo featuring Charles in his classic "fuck-me" golden button down club-wear. Someday, I imagine someone will rip it right off of him and he'll just stand there and smile like a cheshire kitty. Juliette always looks so fantastic with that lovely hair of hers, which I seriously covet.  So quiet, I never realised she has such a lovely voice.  Absolutely perfect for this music.

Jayseon?  What can I say.  He's a sweet-heart!  One of the nicest guys I ever met in Dallas, and so very humbly talented.  The fullness of his remixing skills has truly yet to see the light of a dance floor.   Only the basic peripheral level of Jayseon's talent comes through within the music of Exceed 6 Doses, so as not to overshadow the mood.  Jayseon sets a nice damnbiant bed of electronic filtering...  and cosidering the quality of the vocals, I am so pleased to never once discover the synth crunching territory owned by the beauty of the vocals.   Charles steps forth with a compelling personality.  The impact of these vocals alone tells the story.

Oh, but what I'd give to see these two vocalists together atop any stage!  

Exceed 6 Doses has not reached a summit in it's development.  Though it has certainly reached a new plateau in progressive developments overall.

The stories woven into the music are clearly evident and conveyed, though I can feel a comfort threshhold within the lyrics that has not yet been attained.  Juliette moves seamlessly into and out of the lyrical storylines.  Charles seems to be making adjustments and restraining himself slightly.  Overall, this demo conveys a dramatic accomplishment beyond the previously fine work of Exceed 6 Doses.  And yet, I find room for further comfort and confidence in Charles' pursuit of the storyline and usage of his vocal power.

Altogether, Exceed 6 Doses is beautiful, sexy and compelling...  despite a sense of hesitation.

Please don't hold back any longer.  

Now, Let's have it all!

Track Listing
1.  None to See   (9:39)
2.  Egypt's Rain   (7:38)
3.  Sex Magic   (4:42)
4.  Those Things You Never Do   (7:40)
5.  Forever Haunted   (5:18)
6.  Ego Maniac   (6:13)
(Notice the track lengths are all over 4 minutes, and only one of these is under 5 minutes.)

Exceed 6 Doses is:
JaYSeonC. (Keyboards, Programming, Enigneering, Backing Vocals, Bass Gutiar,lyrics)  
Juliette Storace (Lead Vocals, lyrics, production, arrangement)  
Charles MacCulloch (Lead Vocals, Production, lyrics, Arrangement,)