Death of the Author EP
~reviewed by Brian Parker

Although not around for long, Emulsion has already begun extensive touring, and has turned out an impressive five-track debut CD.  Citing Coil, Boards of Canada, and GYBE! as influences, Emulsion promises an accomplished future with this short release.  Production values are high: the recording is clear and well-mastered, and the humble slipcover features gorgeous original artwork by John Bergin (C17H19NO3, Lolo, Tertium Non Data), known for his work on the Crow comic book.

The EP opens with a cover of the Cure’s “Pornography.”  Whether brave or foolhardy, the cover isn’t particularly faithful.  However, the track is beautiful in its own eerie way, with samples and string textures reminiscent of Angelo Badalamenti.

The listener is then dumped abruptly into “Is Lust” and its droning, mid-tempo beat; this is almost an anti-interlude before the tranquil but melancholy “Undone,” which offers synthesized strings and ambient electronic textures.  As it wraps up, the listener is struck with an unsettled sense of moving between three jarringly different tracks quickly; none of which are overly long, all wrapping up in about three minutes each.  There is no chance of getting bored as each sonic course is rapidly offered up one after the other.

The fourth track, “Sonido Negro,” is fairly minimal and almost disappointing in the agitated state brought on by the first three tracks.  The final (and longest, at five and a half minutes) track is “Every Machine Makes a Mistake.”  There is some slow percussion, but it’s also a minimalist ambient piece, and left me wanting more.

Keep your ears open for this artist; although this debut CD is modest, there is a great deal of promise for more impressive future releases.

Track Listing:  Pornography; Is Lust; Undone; Sonido Negro; Every
Machine Makes a Mistake

Contact Emulsion (band):

636 W. Diversey Pkwy. #185
Chicago IL 60614-1511