Bloodred Hell 
~reviewed by Joel Steudler

In the words of Facebreaker vocalist Robert Karlsson, GRUM FOOF EN BLORGLL ERRFULLLLLLLLLLL!  At least, I think that's what he said.  Damn basement-throated deathmetal vocals.  I'd need a submarine to get low enough to understand them.  That's what Bloodred Hell is, by the way - death metal.  No fancy melodicism or any other genres jumbled in there, just Swedish death metal, pure and true.

There really isn't much to say about an album like this.  It's loud, fast, tightly performed, aggressively delivered, and full of everything you'd expect in death metal.  The vocals are low, abrasive, and blurty.  The occasional guitar solos squiggle through random chromatic runs like a housefly on amphetamines.  The rhythm riffing is powerful and changes directions every few bars.  I mean, hey, it's good stuff if this is the sort of music you like.  I have no complaints, really.  Not everyone needs to reinvent the wheel or combine random genres in a Quixotic quest for newness.

I often chew out bands for lack of originality, but will stay my ire if they deliver an energetic and technically adept performance.  Such is the case here.  If you want to listen to top notch, well produced angry death metal unadorned with extraneous frills then fork over your cash, 'cause that's what Facebreaker's Bloodred Hell is made of.

Track List:
1 The demon
2 Cursed
3 Human Spoil
4 Command of the Dark
5 Hater
6 Total Wasteland
7 Bloodred Hell
8 Crushed
9 Hell is coming closer
10 Bringer of Death
11 Bleed

Facebreaker is:
Micke - Drums
Janne - Guitar
Mika - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jonte - Bass, Backing Vocals
Robert Karlsson - Vocals

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