Family of Noise
"Killing Made Easy"
~reviewed by Mick Mercer

This story goes back some way. When Chris was in a punky band Chester, with Tes (visible on one of the links below review), he'd been on at Toyah (who he'd run an info/merchandise service for, as well as a website) to record something with them. When their schedules co-aligned it was done, in Nuneaton during 2001. Chester then split but Chris still keeps himself busy, and with him on bass and Rob Bartram on guitar, the record has finally taken form.

Leaving aside one line about lime and coconut which turns my teeth inside out for some reason, this kicks in with really raw guitar which suggests someone understands the Stooges, and the bass is early post-punk, with Toyah mumbling then launching herself at the lyrics, and it's got an impossibly authentic early Punk feel.

The best way to describe it is to imagine if The Maneaters had ever kept going and become an early Indie hybrid. It really is fantastic. The chorus will transport you back to 77/78, and they slam it to a compulsive end.

The same can't necessarily be said of the two remixes. The 'A Shot In The Dark' version is pretty sub-Hardcastle. Admittedly, they missed the 'N-n-n-n-Nuneaton' trick, but the song does develop in a witty manner, and the 'Limp Pickle' mix has so much of the coconut line it didn't grow on me until the song seems to start raining down on you, which makes it more than bearable.

It's the actually song itself you want, which is superb, but it's a limited edition of only 500, so you'll need to move.

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