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Funker Vogt
~reviewed by Cyberina Flux

T marks Funker Vogt's 6th release, as well as Metropolis Record's 200th release. Amazing feats considering that both the band and the label are only but 6 years young. Upon gazing at the track listing of this double CD, one realizes how Funker Vogt was able to release T so quickly after Maschine Zeit, as T only features 4 new tracks.

The release is broken down into 4 seperate sections, the first being NeuZeit (translated to NewTime), MaschinenZeit (MachineTime), TraumZeit (DreamTime), and EndZeit (EndTime) with all of the CDs tracks grouped appropriately into each section.

NeuZeit: The first section of the first CD is the section that showcases the new Funker Vogt tracks. They start right off the bat with their single "Subspace," which seems to have drawn quite a bit of attention already. Often mistakenly called "Get Connected," this is a track with a broad dancefloor appeal while keeping with signature Vogt loops and GRRrrRRR vocal style.

Another notable track in the NeuZeit section is "A Dream," which begins to hint towards later sections of the CD. Personally, this track draws me much more than "Subspace," but hardcore Funker Vogt fans might be taken aback. The song about being betrayed by a friend is slower than the average Vogt track, and the beat and other programming lets the fact that Vogt shares a keyboardist with Synthpop stars Ravenous leak through a lot more than usual.

MaschinenZeit: Put an N after the E, and you have part of a new CD? These remixes have hard, straight-up 4/4 EBM beats with the slightest touch of trancy bits thrown in for decoration. Since I'm such a big vocoder fan, "Nothing to Include" is definitely my favorite track in this section. This mix of "Black Market Dealers" seems to find itself requested often from what I've seen. I could personally do without "The Last" remix as there are a few keyboard sounds in there that just raise the hairs on my back in tone and tuning.

TraumZeit: These remixes have even more trancy bits thrown, with the beat loops that aren't quite as hardhitting making these the tracks with a very broad crossover appeal into other electronic genres. I'm particularly fond of this remix of "Cold War." They use a flangy vocal effect during portions of the track that really catch my attention. The transitions are highly creative, yet predictable enough to not throw you off when dancing to the track for the first time. But there's something in the keyboard line that screams Happy Hardcore.

EndZeit: On the last section was reserved for other acts to remix tracks off of "Machine Zeit." The first of which is a Das Ich remix of The Last. A pretty darned good attempt at a remix, but they've left in those whiny keyboard lines that I mentioned in the MaschinenZeit section that annoy me so badly, so no cigar for Bruno. My hats off to Beborn Beton for taking an already great track in "Under Deck" and rounding it out even further with a much dancier feel, and tons of great samples (sitars, missles, submarine doors, sonar). Finally L'ame Immortelle (MUCH to my surprise) contributes with a remix of "Black Market Dealers." The novelty of this track is phenominal, and the remix name "Bunkerromantik mix" is amusingly perfect. L'ame Immortelle has taken the original vocals, and put in their own beautiful and realistic programming of grand piano, symphonic strings, and more accoustic-sounding drum sounds than the standard Funker Vogt choice. This track is sure to tug at the heartstrings of the angsty-types, but will probably piss off the aggro types.

All in all, I'm left with the impression that possibly the boys of Funker Vogt (or maybe Metropolis, or maybe even both) weren't very pleased with Maschine Zeit as here we have a CD with 10 remixes off that album, remixed the very next calendar season, and released less than a year later. It doesn't bother me one bit, though, as I like several of the remixes more than the originals. This album definitely keeps stride with the traditional Funker Vogt military style EBM, but they've really rounded out with some extra frills making this release just a touch dancier and trancier than before.

1. Subspace
2. Body Count
3. A Dream
4. Follow Me
5. Black Market Dealers (Maschinen-Mix)
6. Maschine Zeit (Maschinen-Mix)
7. The Last (Maschinen-Mix)
8. Nothing to Include (Maschinen-Mix)

1. Sins (Traum-Mix)
2. Cold War (Traum-Mix)
3. The Journey (Traum-Mix)
4. The Last (Das Ich-Remix)
5. Under Deck (Beborn Beton-Remix)
6. Black Market Dealers (bunkerromantik-mix by L'ame immortelle)

Band Line Up:
Gerrit Thomas (programming, backing vocals)
Jens Kastel (lead vocals)

Funker Vogt:

Management and booking by REPOMANagement
Fax: 05151-958430

Metropolis Records
Post Office Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105

Under license from Bloodline,
a division of