…And The Sky Turns To Black…(The Dark Age Has Come)
~reviewed by Michael Johnson
It wasn’t but a few years ago that I thought Sepultura would remain the be-all-end-all of Brazilian metal forever.  With the sudden flood of brutal music coming from all corners of the globe, a few of these Brazilians have come out above the rest and Headhunter D.C. is one of them along side the wildly popular Krisiun.
As far as this album goes, it’s pretty much straightforward death metal with a few keyboards thrown in for atmosphere.  The vocals are very cool and remind me of the era where Possessed reigned supreme.  Aside from that, this is death metal to a “T” with few surprises thrown in.  Not that this is a bad thing, though.  It’s well done.  I’ve heard a lot of garbage in this genre and this isn’t one heading for the trashcan.  The atmosphere and music remind me of when I was just getting into this stuff and although this is new, I am compelled to feel a little nostalgic.
Death metal fans should definitely give these guys a try.  If anything, the covers of Sepultura’s “Morbid Visions” and Possessed’s “Twisted Minds” are worth the price of the disc.  The bass-heavy production will thunder through your house and remind you why you listen to stuff this powerful.

Track Listing
1.…And The Sky Turns To Black…
2.Falling Into Perdition
3.Beyond The Deepest Lie
4.The Glory
5.From Dream To Nightmare
6.Eternal Hatred
7.Conflicts Of The Dark And Light
8.Morbid Visions
9.Twisted Minds

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