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Hard Pounding Percussion 
~review by DJ Xian

The second release by Italian artist M.L. (formerly of I Burn), and second expounding of the HPP acronym for a CD title (former CD entitled, Horse Penis Pants), this once sexually deviant artistry has taken a dramatic turn for its sophomore incarnation.  Minus the application of any sequencers, HPP justifies its claim to the new moniker and then at the same time completely disreguards it. 
Track 3, "Left Hand-Balling" is not for the trance minded. Tenebrous in style and oblivious to any mainstream music theory applications, this ingenius assemblage of samples is just the anxious indecisiveness one needs to sunder one's nerves.  It is perhaps the most active track and the most endearing to the current HPP moniker save for the last track.  "Ophiuchus V" conveys a disquieting void filled with intervals of electronic blips and hisses that flow into the hollow echos of "Event-Scourging".  Issuing into "Apotheosis", there is a sense of deprogramming in the variable application of pattern reward.  "The Lord's Supper" is entirely abstruse and swoops on the forgotten undercurrents of subsconsious chasms, forcing one to be on guard in expectation of possible noise assault.  Finally, the closing track is an exclusive mix by ZymOsiZ of "Girlfriend-Mass-Murder".   A qualmish taste in the mouth and an unnerving palpitation in the body is the result of this climactic track of a name that is appropriate in every sense.  An exquisite finale to a dark and visceral album.  

The entirety of the album probes different sounds and techniques in noise and soundscape with drone and minimalistic tendancies.  The occasional dark audio humor of M.L. rears its head in linearity challenges that forces the listener to question the condition of the CD.  Hard Pounding Percussion seems less a means to undertake an sonance journey than it is a transpersonal exploration of the artist himself.  You do not flow with the frequencies.  Rather you hold on for dear life.  One can only wonder at how many more personalities will manifest through HPP.
Track listing: 
1. Hard Pounding Percussion 
2. Homunculus 
3. Left Hand-Balling 
4. Rizomatic 
5. Ophiuchus V 
6. Event-Scourging 
7. Apotheosis 
8. Mannerbunde 
9. File type: Unknown 
10. The Lord's Supper 
11. Girlfriend-Mass Murderer (ZymOsiZ remix) 
HPP is M.L. 
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