~reviewed by Anthony Flores (BlackOrpheus)

Inure, is a project that was born in 1999. It really had its origins in the early Las Vegas song writing collaborations between Adam Moore and Rob Vogel in 1996. Although their association proved fruitful, the sparse industrial scene in Las Vegas, drove the pair to L.A., where their creative energies were more fully engaged by a thriving local scene.

The debut release of Inure's Seemless is a milestone in the creative partnership of Rob Vogel and Adam Moore.  It marks the culmination of all they've strived to achieve together.

Seemless is an arresting amalgam of sounds and textures.  It is by turns stark, dark and malevolent, and inescapably industrial in the classic sense.  It is a strong effort for a first release.  I believe the duo have succeeded admirably in their attempt to do homage to their own vision and such stated influences as Skinny Puppy, Front242 and Haujobb.

As long as they continue to evolve and don't get caught up in the increasingly transient affectations of yesteryear this band has a future before it.  This is a recommended listen, especially for industrial purists. Below are a few of my favorite tracks.

"Malediction" is quick and sprightly. It is easily the most dance floor friendly tune on the album. With its syncopated drum beats and pacing,it is sinister ebm, indeed. It is as cerebral as it is physical. It'sintriguing vocal sampling and vocal distortion intimate dark thoughts springing from a darker nature.

"My" is a wedding of stream of consciousness prounouncements and it felt like the very heart of the record with the pulsing and swelling of the arrangement.  "My" flet like the recordds heart, as it rose and fell on the swell and ebb of the music.  It was very stream of consciousness, with it's nearly inaudible words of comfort, lust upon a mind that cannot know ease or rest.  This was my favorite, I think.

"Again" is the kind of song that you most appreciate, when you're beginning to slip into that state of weightlessness and well being brought on by a few well mixed drinks.  It is slow and sexy. Its languorous beat and grind is reminiscent of sweat, cloves, and mouths tasting of merlot. It is black leather clad sex. It is a bruise and a caress.  It is both urgent and articulate.  It is a prime candidate for a remix, to my way of thinking.

In closing, I'd like to thank Adam and Inure for sharing their creation with me. I have every hope that this and their future efforts will find a home in the hearts and collections of the as yet unsuspecting listener.

Inure is:
Rob Vogel- keys, programming
Adam Moore- vox, keys, programming
Adam Moore: Vocals

Track Listing:
01.   Ground Zero
02.   Malediction
03.   Daar Staan Hy (full)
04.   Collapse
05.   My
06.   Condition
07.   Contort
08.   Sedition
09.   The Gift of Machine
10.   Freeze
11.   Again

Web Site: WWW.Inure.Net

You can buy "Seemless" at the following:
Vinyl Fetish Hollywood, Ca.
Aron's Records Hollywood, Ca.
Electric Chair Huntington Beach, Ca.
Ipso Facto Fullerton, Ca.
MusicWerks Seattle, Wa. Denver, Co.