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Frank Macchia & Tracy London
Little Evil Things Volume 4
~reviewed by Mike Ventarola

Back in the days before video killed the radio star, people tuned in to their radios for weekly excursions of serialized dramas and entertainment. The adage that everything old is new again is most apparent with folks who have been purchasing audio books in order to stay abreast of some of their favorite authors while going about their busy, hectic lives. In essence, the art of storytelling from the radio years are once again back in vogue to keep today’s busy person abreast of some of this generation’s best fiction and non-fiction.

Little Evil Things takes us a step closer to the macabre of yesteryear by providing exquisitely creepy and atmospheric music by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra on this 4th sequel to the 1997 Winner of Publishers Weekly Listen Up Award of tales of terror. Within the confines of this CD are 5 stories, punctuated with a chilling soundtrack to make the stories come alive. Despite the fact that the work is not “scary” by today’s horror standards, they are nonetheless still morose enough with a tongue in cheek twist to delight even the most cynical admirer of the macabre. As an added bonus, this volume also has A Little Evil Overture, which is a music only track from the Moscow Symphony Orchestra.

It may not spook you during your daylight hours, however if you listen to a story a night just before dropping off to sleep, you will manage to have some rather wild nightmares! 

Those who happen to be a fan of the Alfred Hitchcock books, which were in fashion a while back, or even horror style comic books, will most surely want to explore this. The narration is focused and maintains a sense of apropos delivery. It avoids over dramatization,which is the subliminal secret that keeps the listener fascinated while drawing them in further to the tale as it is being spun. Some stories are in the first person with a single narrator while others have more characters delivering the lines of the tale. The added bonus is the haunting music and sound effects, which moves the flow expertly.

Rather than giving a feeling that one is just listening to a story, Little Evil Things somehow makes one feel like a voyeur to a stranger’s twist of fate. It is almost as if we are overhearing someone’s hellish excursion unravel before us and we are forced to maintain mute witness as they plummet through the depths of depravity. 

For those already into audio books, you may want to look into some of the volumes from this company. It is far more entertaining than some of the horrendous trash that Hollywood keeps cranking out in the horror genre and is a nice respite from television.

1.     Lost: A man suffers the tortures of Hell in a nightmarish dream…oris it?
2.     Hazardous To Your Health: A 1940’s mobster gets hooked on adeadly habit.
3.     Infection: A man’s life gets turned upside down when hediscovers a spot on his arm.
4.     In Your Head: Are those gray hairs really what they appear tobe?
5.     The Violin’s Curse: Gypsies and a haunted violin bring thisancient tale to life.

Little Evil Things
1801 North Lima Street 
Burbank, CA 91505

Toll Free: (877) Lil-Evil   FAX: (818) 563-1694