The Mission
~reviewed by Jezabel

They are back. After years of touring and touring the same songs, Wayne sat down and decided to create new pieces of music. Would they become part of the goth history as his other albums have done? Does the Mission still have the magic that made them the icons of the goth rock world, the epitome that every band in gothic rock is compared to (justifiably or not)?

The answer is yes. And no.

To go over the history of The Mission would be an insult to the reader. Wayne Hussey left Sisters, he formed The Mission. To me, the Mission have always been the alter ego of Sisters. This is the kinder, gentler, melodic sister, with the better turn of the word, more ability to turn a note off a guitar into a poignant wail or a soft whisper.

And much to the distress of many a gothic rock band – they are to what everyone is compared to. No one can eclipse them, but so many bands are ruined because they are either too Mission or not Mission enough. It’s a touch cross to bear for poor Wayne, but he does it well.

This album is good. It’s damn good. Solid, straightforward Mission sound. What Wayne does best. But is it an evolution? No. Dragonfly is just a retinkering with Butterfly on the Wheel, perhaps with an alternative version of Tower of Strength lyrics. 

Lyrically,this is one of the most honest and non-poetic of the Mission albums. It lacks some of the imagery and poetry of earlier albums and takes it straight to you. It is obvious there were some very raw and some amazingly overwhelming emotions going on with him while he was writing this album and to put them all together makes for an interesting story:

“I wanna feel again the thrill of the first kiss.” (Mesmerised)
“She’s versed and practised well in the art of discipline and she’s cursed as a Jezabel” (Evangeline) ( huh, me? Cursed?)
“Just because I understand doesn’t mean I care” (Lay Your hands on Me)
“First I’m gonna fuck you and then we’ll make love” (Slave to) Lust)
“I know you understand the child that lies within a man.” (Happy)
“The worst crime of all is the crime of regret” (Trophy/It Never Rains)

We are with Wayne in Barcelona when he meets a woman for an intense night of sex and ecstasy. We are taken on an emotional roller coaster of a relationship that seems to have changed Wayne’s style of writing lyrics.

There is a second CD which includes another version of Mesmerising, a couple of videos, some photos, screensavers and an interview with Wayne….I don’t think it was necessary and really didn’t enhance the whole package much. But it is good to note the packaging itself is lovely, coming in a cardboard box, well designed, the insert has amazingly interesting and hard to read set up for the lyrics,and great photos of the band members

But the question is if this is an evolution, has Mission moved forward. And sadly, I don’t think they have. This is a great Mission album, but it isn’t the jump forward that will create new challenges to new gothic rock bands. The guitars are amazing, Wayne’s voice is still earthy and strong and can pull you in, the work is professional and clean…but except for To Die by your Hand, which does have an industrial edge , it seems like Wayne kept the formula that would work and stayed with it. You won’t be disappointed with the album, but you won’t be inspired by it either. 

Track Listing:
ShineLike the Stars 
(Slave to) Lust 
The Light That Pours From You 
To Die By Your Hand 
Trophy\It Never Rains... 
Lay Your Hands On Me 
In Denial

The Mission