Alms For Iraq
~reviewed by Goat

Ah, Bryn Jones, we miss you so.  I often wonder how his music would be sounding these days, as the situations in Iraq and Palestine grow ever worse.  Would his music be more angry?  Somber?  Sad?  Distressed?  Alas, we will never know.

This recording, Alms For Iraq was completed in December of 1995.  Within the span of three years, young Bryn Jones would die.  The work he completed in those last years is phenomenal; increasing evermore in technical prowess and mastery.  Alms For Iraq is a perfect example.  Layers upon layers of sound, emotion, and meaning.  The sounds veritably shimmer with heatwaves of sorrow and fury; and yet, they skitter along over layers of surety and serenity.

These are the things that have always amazed me about his music; the endless unfolding facets; the kaleidoscopic tiers.

I very much recommend this particular Muslimgauze work to those who have been curious about Bryn Jones and Muslimgauze and are wondering where to start.  Alms For Iraq is Jones at the top of his form, and is a pleasure to listen to.

Soleilmoon - SOL 129 CD  released: (11/11/2003)
in a 6 panel 5.5" x 8" tall folder

Track Listing:
   1. Harizat  (3.38)
   2. Izzedin Al-Qassam  (5.14)
   3. Gold Kalpakcilar Dome Pt 1/2  (3.43)
   4. Pale Elegant Egyptian  (1.34)
   5. Hab Al-Zeitoun  (4.29)
   6. Dark Bedouin Silver  (6.13)
   7. Gujurati Moon  (2.28)
   8. Alms for Iraq  (2.23)
   9. Dirhams Your Dirhams  (4.39)
  10. Hari Rupee  (5.13)
  11. Divine Pink Jinn  (1.23)
  12. Yigal Gun Amir  (1.42)
  13. Gulf Camel Baksheesh  (2.08)
  14. Kapali Carsi Souk  (1.14)
  15. Date Odeur  (4.11)
  16. Za-Hazzanani  (1.20)
  17. Mehmet Quarter  (2.39)
  18. Donated Organ  (2.38)
  19. Bombay Wire Less  (4.00)
  20. Malacca Cane  (3.26)
  21. Serpent Sting  (2.23)
  22. Caravan Sari  (.37)
  23. Fathi Shqaqi  (1.40)
  24. Skin Tone  (.13)
  25. Madhat Basha  (2.26)
  26. Tamil Tiger S.O.S.  (3.59)

Run time:  (75:44)

Re-mixs Volume 1 +2 double CD
~reviewed by Goat

If ever I came into a great deal of money, one of the first things Iíd do would be track down all the Muslimgauze releases I *donít* have, which sadly is quite a few.  I just canít keep up.  Itís been financially impossible, and really, if you view the amount of work Bryn Jones completed in his lifetime, the wealth of it seems humanly impossible.  How he did it, I donít know.  What I do know is that every single thing Iíve ever heard by him has been of unquestionable quality, and highly fascinating.  This leads me to believe that if a person were able to possess everything Bryn ever did, one would have an incalculable treasure.

Fortunately, some of the long out-of-print material is now being released, this remix collection being a case in point.

Volume one was released back in Ď96, and Volume 2 in Ď98.  This re-release contains both volumes in a four- panel folder with new artwork.  There was a limited (150) edition run which was fur-covered!  You can see a photo of both editions here:

I definitely recommend getting this re-release.  It unquestionably represents some of the best Muslimgauze recordings ever, and you cannot beat the price for such a collection.  If youíre even remotely curious about Muslimgauze or experimental electronica, please do yourself the favor of making this particular audio investigation.  Itís wondrous!

Track Listing:  (There are no track titles.)
Disc One:
   1. (18.59)
   2. (25.39)
   3. (17.23)

Disc Two:
   1. (10.23)
   2. (7.02)
   3. (8.34)
   4. (3.16)
   5. (6.09)
   6. (4.16)
   7. (4.27)
   8. (6.01)
   9. (5.55)
  10. (6.38)

On Soleilmoon Recordings:
SOL 131 (dbl-CD)  released: (11/11/2003) in a 6" x 11" four panel cardboard folder
150 hand numbered copies covered in fur with paper band