Internal Use Only
~reviewed By Psionic

~Mmmmnnnn... Filled with Chewy Nougat.

What I love so much about Narc is how it spans all the boundaries of 'experimental' music, yet retains cohesion. Moron (The self-proclaimed 'shitworker' who constructs Narc) is unabashed in his love of noise, yet refuses to be bound in any way with his own material to the confines of what a 'noise' project should be. Thus, Narc does whatever it damn well pleases. Elements of rythmic powernoise, formless "Japanese-American-Noise-Treaty" fuzz, and droning dark-ambient are all to be found in abundance on 'Internal Use only', with one element stitching it all together... CLASS. 

Narc is a classy project, stylistic in it's musings on political hypocrisy (while not being quite so preachy as say, David Thrussel), politely Canadian in it's self-flagellating violence ('Diagrammatic'), even an air of dignity whilst in the throes of introspection ('Veracity'). But while I wax poetic on the possibilities of interpretation with Narc, it remains a down-to-earth project... Yet another aspect to, err, respect. Self-released in the finest DIY tradition, 'Internal Use Only' is a shining example of what one can achieve if they're willing to just DO IT. And on top of that, it's a superb cd. So click your way over to and hop on the bandwagon already.

1. Conduit
2. Corporate Extremist
3. Diagramatic
4. Hold Music
5. Infraction
6. Internal Use Only
7. Programmatic
8. Stylistic Differences
9. Managerial Consultant
10. Veracity

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