Tones of Hate    
~reviewed by Joel Steudler

I should like Tones of Hate more than I do.  I mean, Necrodeath plays a very tight, technically adept thrash/black metal hybrid style.  The album is very well produced.  Every song is packed with brutal riffs.  They even vary the pace from track to track, and within tracks, for that matter... what's not to like, then?  I really can't put my finger on it.

The excellent songwriting is certainly not diminishing my enjoyment of the album.  Necrodeath vary the tempo from 'blistering assault' to 'fast and serious, but not quite ripping your face off'.  They often transition into and out of warp-drive multiple times in a song, which keeps things from becoming predictable.  The propulsive periods of acceleration and slam-the-brakes slowdowns are handled adroitly by Peso's considerable skill pounding the skins.  He crafts a more interesting percussive soundscape than one typically finds on a metal album by adding in an assortment of ringing dingers and toms that sound like they're from deep in the jungle.  Coupled with the punch-in-the-gut clarity of the drum recordings, Peso's performance is a real treat.

There's nothing to find fault with regarding the guitars, either.  While these riffs have doubtlessly been heard before (what riff hasn't?), they range from 'intense and brutal' to 'brooding and dangerous'.  Guitarist Claudio is locked into the groove with Peso and together their instruments deliver repeated crushing blows.  Stylistically, his riffs fall squarely on the shoulders of old thrash metal, echoing Overkill more than anyone else I can come up with.  Solos aren't part of Claudio's repertoire for the most part, but the few that he works in come about organically and serve the music well.  Additionally, when they appear, the solos deliver yet another pacing changeup and relax the mood slightly before the next wave of aural attack begins.

Even Flegias's phlegmatic black metal rasp isn't too off-putting.  I didn't care for it at first, but I got used to it as I listened to the album a few times, and now it doesn't bother me at all... except for his tendency to crescendo his blaaAAHHHHHaasss which seems like overdoing it a little.  I will admit that I don't care for the Marylin Manson-ish album cover art.  Can a bad album cover be claimed as a legitamate grievance against a band?  Insofar as it colored my view of Necrodeath's 'Tones of Hate', I guess it can.  Otherwise, it's a first rate, bonebreaking black-thrash album.  So don't listen to me gripe about mysterious non-flaws.  If you like metal -and the fact that you've read all this suggests that you probably didn't stumble in here looking for cookie recipes- this is an album you should own.
Track List:
01.) Mealy Mouthed Hypocrisy
02.) Perseverance Pays
03.) The Mark of Dr. Z
04.) The Flag
05.) Queen of Desire 
06.) Petition for Mercy 
07.) Last Tones of Hate 
08.) Evidence from Beyond 
09.) Bloodstain Pattern

Necrodeath is:
Flegias - vocals
Claudio - guitars
John - bass
Peso - drums

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