Niels van Hoorn
~reviewed by Saint Petrol
I put this disc in, in the midst of a rather horrible day.  Valentine's Day, and I just broke up last weekend.  You know how it is.  Cursing all those damned little hearts everywhere, and those stupid powdery candies that say over and over, "S/he doesn't want you any more."  Kind of like having one of your best friends die at a Christmas Party. I know.  It ruins everything.
Well.  Niels van Hoorn changed my day.  I've listened to jazz since I was a youngster, and I'm getting old now.  I've never ever heard reeds like this.  I keep feeling myself be lifted up.  I keep seeing birds on a grey horizon.  Life is just better in headphones.
Also, I'm an amateur percussionist, drummer, slave to the djembe, what have you, so, in a small way I can appreciate and tell you; Ryan Moore does some pretty danged cool  stuff with congas and drums.  The combination of Ryan's rhythm and pulse with Niels'  reed instruments (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone sax, and more,)  is highly intoxicating.  

The mix is like sinking into a warm bath.  Like what I imagine it'd be like to ride in a hot air balloon in a bright blue sky, somewhere above New Mexico.  It's really almost unbelievable how kindly this music is to the soul.  Even when it keens, it soothes.
Legendary Pink Dots-heads would be highly irritated, I suppose, if I did not mention that both Niels and Ryan have connections with, are members of, etc. the Dots. Trivia buffs will be impressive when they know that Niels' first major concert appearance was in 1968, at the German Rock Festival, with the likes of Yes and Traffic.  Some might even remember the Dutch psychedelic band Liberty (who, it seems to me have had some re-releases in the past 10 years or so, but I could be wrong about that,) but anyhow, yes, Niels played with Liberty.  But we digress.  If your heart is sad, give it Colours.
Track Listing:
1.)  Landscape
2.)  Indian Dakota
3.)  Space Horns
4.)  Desert Walk
5.)  Traffic Jam
6.)  Grand Canyon
7.)  Heritage part 1&2
8.)  Mist
9.)  Mellow
10.)  Strange Dream
11.)  Klaverland Sunset Jam
Colours is a solo album by Niels van Hoorn, with assistanceby Ryan Moore.
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