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by Nivek Ogre / Mark Walk
~reviewed by by guest writer Jyri Glynn (from 3SKS)
(photos courtesy of Spitefire Records website)

The metaphoric lyrical content of Welt’s debut album, OhGr is nothing less than one would expect from the former legendary singer of Skinny Puppy.  Ogre shows us one more hidden facet in his imaginative mind, combining fragments of Puppy’s last project, “TheProcess” with his vocal appearances featured on KMFDM albums.  Five years in the making this long awaited collaborative effort between Nivek Ogre and Mark Walk finally hits the shelves on Feb. 20, 2001.  OhGr is not to be confused with the singer’s past projects such as Pig Face or Rx.; however, Ogre does continue forward vocally with the removal of obscure voiced effects favored on Skinny Puppy’s material.  This album features diverse musical content with driving club beats; however, is not recommended for the “stereo-typical” Rivet Head. Being a far cry from the experimental, hard edge you may expect from one of the godfathers of the Industrial scene, Ogre ventures further into the electronic dance genre with natural progression and originality. 

Favorite songs capturing my attention included “Solow” with its very 80ish, analog keyboard sounds.  This song is a great blend of early new wave, not unlike Gary Numan, with a touch of the modern dance classics.  Ironically Numan and Ogre are scheduled to tour together later this year.  My initial thoughts, upon hearing this news, were mixed, not quite grasping just how this would work; however, after hearing OhGr, I certainly see the connection and anticipate a great show.

Another hit song featuring on this album is “Pore” once again with very club-oriented drumming and KMFDM styled keys.  Ogre raps (for lack of better words) lyrics faster than a claustrophobic yuppie trying to get out of a mosh pit.  Much like the early Puppy days, I find myself rewinding this song trying to grasp just what the hell is Ogre saying.

“Minus”, the closing song to the album, radiates more of a modern “Nine Inch. Nails” sound to it!  A bit more angst behind the vocals with aggressive rhythm guitar concludes an overall great sounding recording.

1) Water
2) Devil
3) Kettle
4) Earthworm
5) Lusid
6) Pore
7) Chaos
8) Cracker
9) Solow
10) Suhleap
11) Minus

Record Label:   Spitfire Records