Panzer AG
This Is My Battlefield
~reviewed by Goat

Power Industrial Noise?  Gothcore Symphonic Electronica?  Whatever genre is decided for this one, it’s okay with me; the music is fantastic.  Teeth-baring lethal doses of anger and destruction; a fist in the face of political corruption and self-obsessed activists who fancy themselves moralists.  This is the road rage of the information highway.  Prepare for a sonic nosebleed.

I also love the fact that this collection of recordings have a harsh, belligerent feel to them, all the while retaining a luxurious and cultured atmosphere; it is as if hell has broken loose at Castle Wewelsburg.  Stately and vicious, I can’t think of anything I’ve heard recently that has sounded this rabidly sublime.

“This Is My Battlefield” has a radiant German Indus-trial soul, spilling its crimson blood on snowcovered front lines as it goes; poetic, haunted, noble, and doomed.  Altering between German language and English, between poised rhapsody and Gabba aggression, Andy LaPlegua has created a study in antagonism, a symphony of contradictions.  It really must be heard to be believed.  I’m gonna wear this one out.

For those afraid of such things: “Don’t Be Blind. This Is NOT A Pro-Faschist [sic] Project”.

Track Listing:
1.  Introduction Of The Damned
2.  Filth God
3.  Battlefield
4.  Chemical Breed
5.  When Death Embrace Me
6.  Bereit
7.  Totale Luftherrschaft
8.  Sick Is The One Who Adores Me
9.  Panzer
10.  Tides That Kill
11.  God Eats God
12.  It Is All In Your Head
13.  Behind A Gasmask
14.  Pure Tension
15.  Drukne I Taarer

All songs written by Andy LaPlegua.
(Known primarily for his work with Icon of Coil.)

Metropolis Records