Popoi Sdioh (formerly Land of Passion, and The Nomad's Land)
s/t  CD
~reviewed by Goat

This CD really has me smiling.  It somehow incorporates (beautifully) just about every single kind of musical style I’ve ever liked well since I was about, oh, 12.

I keep hearing band names drift across my consciousness. Crass.  Echo And The Bunnymen.  Electric Hellfire Club. Scratch Acid.  Thrill Kill Kult.  Christian Death.  PsychicTV.  Front 242.  The Birthday Party.  Alien Sex Fiend.  Aphex Twin.  Clock DVA.  NIN (Circa Down-ward Spiral).  Muslimgauze.  Dead Kennedys.  Information Society!?  PIL.  Anton LaVey’s “Strange Music”.  It’s endless! Now, one would wonder probably how in the world a band could incorporate the best part of all of those abovementioned bands, and how it could work.  I’m sitting here wondering the same thing.  But the truth is, they did.  And it does.

What amazes me is that this Frankenstein of a masterpiece embodies ALL those styles and sensibilities and remains uniquely it’s own.  How and why it works is beyond me but really, this CD is incredible.  It has the curious presence of being entirely familiar, and yet refreshingly new.  So, while this music is brand spankin’ off the presses, it nevertheless makes me sit back, close my eyes, and think of when and where I first heard these songs 10, 15, 20 years ago.  Impossible!  Buy this for track 22 alone!!!

(Gooble gobble, gooble gobble, We will make you one of us...)

Track Listing:
1.)  radioneighbour
2.)  mudcover
3.)  audiocrashtest#07
4.)  the horror show
5.)  audiocrashtest#01
6.)  wanawana
7.)  mikawa & skarpeta
8.)  audiocrashtest#04
9.)  psychogame
10.)  audiocrashtest#03
11.)  great god pan
12.)  braa
13.)  f+f
14.)  audiocrashtest#06
15.)  crick in the head
16.)  audiocrashtest#09
17.)  kuna vaka
18.)  audiocrashtest#08
19.)  pimples and flies
20.)  audiocrashtest#11
21.)  audiocrashtest#05
22.)  freaks
23.)  audiocrashtest#18

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