Project: Failing Flesh
A Beautiful Sickness
~reviewed by Goat
Fuck yeah.  Death metal mixed with all kinds of putrid leftovers from the back of the refrigerator, and blended to a froth.  Weird piano bits. Echoey interludes and orchestral fertilizer, all growing the black orchid of "A Beautiful Sickness" in the dark.  Project: Failing Flesh (PFF) are like Prong and Voivod on crack and worshipping Satan.  Or, how 'bout this one.  PFF are like a Sepultura tick on the rotting flesh of Skinny Puppy.
Usually when I review a CD, I listen to it as much as I can before I write the review.  If I don't like the thing, I try changing mediums, 'take it to my car, put it on the stereo loud instead of headphones or whatever.  Most of the time, when a review is done, I put the CD on the shelf for future reference and to help collect up the swirling dust that plagues me so. My challenge with this CD is that I don't want to stop listening to it to do other reviews.  In the two days I've been listening to it, I've moved the artwork and CD to my car wallet, and filed the empty jewel case away. Hey guys, tour soon, mmmkay?
Track Listing:
1. A Beautiful Sickness
2. Planet Dead
3. 9mm Movie
4. Scene Of The Crime
5. Entrance Wound
6. Long Silent Voices
7. Dementia Pugilistica
8. Taste Of The Lie
9. Highwire Act
10. Warhead
Definitely check out their website and read the liner notes of the CD artwork:
The CD is $13 from the PFF website, including shipping. They accept PayPal, and PayPal now accepts credit card payments from non-members, so you have no excuses!