Rock and Roll Star Destroyer
self titled
~reviewed by Blu
Well you're lookin real cute
In your silver space suit
You got platform shoes
You know all the moves
You got metallic hair
Glitter everywhere...
~"Hale Bop CR-7" - Rock and Roll Star Destroyer
If you're like CarrieMonster or myself, you've got a naughty little secret. It's something you've finally had to admit because you just cannot hide it any longer. Yes, you miss glam rock. You know all the words to every Kiss song and you still have fantasies about T Rex. Klaus Nomi is god. You were actually excited at the news of a Sigue Sigue Sputnik comeback and you wish that Bowie was still doing the Ziggy StarDust thing. Well fret no longer fellow glitter fanatics -- have I got a band for you. 

Ladies and Gents: I give you the alien possessed, tin foil wearing, ray gun antics of Rock and Roll Star Destroyer.

The first track will blow you away. When you hear that guitar come ripping in for the first time, you kind of go, "oh shit, I didn't think they made guitars that sound like that anymore! Right on!"   "Rock and Roll Star Destroyer" is as good as any Kiss song, I KID YOU NOT. The vocals of :::cough::: Corey-Ti Gorey-Ti sound like Paul Stanley in his prime. The guitar stylings of Monochrome would make Ace Frehley cower in fear while the manic thrashings of Do-W Friend on drums would bend Peter Criss's whiskers out of shape and the throbbing of Sir Cyan V. 13.0's bass would have Gene Simmons wimpering helplessly in a corner. Infact, the band pays homage to these rock n roll legends while declaring their mission loud and clear:

I'm a rock and roll star destroyer
Headed full speed for you
Hail to the Bop you will be stopped
We're bringing in the big-hit full-on rock
Ace Frehley was my dad and Ziggy was my mom
We're an absolute bolometric c magnitude band 
So come on! 
(I love it! No one sings "So come on!" anymore!)

The carnage continues with  "Hale Bop X-R7" and "Suck Up Into My Mind" - the guitars crunch in just the right places and the drums explode in overly dramatic ways at the best possible moment (kind of like Dynasty). Infact, I dare you to sit there and NOT start bopping along to the beat. You won't be able to do it. "Blaster Blaster," even though a slower tempo song, is yet another example of how effective their hook line choruses are - you'll be singing along in no time and shakin' your booty to and fro. "Brothers and Sisters (Gone in the Night)" uses "C'mon!" as the first lyric and damn, you're hooked.  I am assuming that  Sir Cyan V. 13.0 is singing this go around - the vocals are lower and gravel-filled, much more like Gene Simmons and Corey-Ti Gorey-Ti does an impressive Paul Stanley back up chorus (its actually kind of creepy how much they can sound like Kiss - makes you wonder if its not some kind of alien-abduction-pod-people experiment going on....) "Future Baby," "Subatomic" and "Keep Your Eyes on the Skies" slow down a bit with a catchy melodic pop sound but the rest of the songs continue on in a similar rock vein - high energy, old school flair and lots of fun and witty lyric writing that is well developed within its Rock-Space theme. 

So yeah, if you're feeling a bit nostalgic about good old glittery rock, and perhaps want a new CD to throw in for one of those weekend parties, this would be a perfect choice. I'm pretty sure this will go over well with the Club Makeup and Glitterdome DJs...wonder if they'll pay me finders fee for getting them great new music ? Hmmm....

1. Rock and Roll Star Destroyer
2. Hale Bop X-R7
3. Suck Up Into My Mind
4. Blaster Blaster
5. Brothers and Sisters (Gone in the Night)
6. Oh When the Droids Come Marching In (The New Machines)
7. Crashing Through
8. Protostar
9. Rock and Roll Raygun
10. Mission Control
11. Future Baby
12. Subatomic
13. Keep Your Eyes On The Skies

Rumor has it that Rock and Roll Star Destroyer includes Corey Gorey and D.W. Friend of the BRIDES/Brickbats legacy

Rock and Roll Star Destroyer:

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