Roger Rotor
Malleus Maleficarum
~reviewed by Goat

It sounds a little like what it would be like if a Panzer tank rolled onto the set of Plan 9 From Outer Space.  Or if Rammstein had been around for Studio 54. Kraftwerk boogie?  Danceable experimental noise?  If you had told me that someone was making such a thing and that it worked, I would’ve remained very skeptical.  Until I heard this.

A link from Roger’s website calls this sort of music, “mixing good’ol disco music with extreme NOISE!”.  Yes.  Absolutely.  Bizarre but true. And it really does sizzle and burn.  At about track 5, (“Doom With A View”,) the album shifts into a gear previously unknown to human kind.  It seems to be a turning point in the album where what was interesting becomes what is mindblowing.

The first four tracks are catchy enough.  The brain begins to respond, shocked, curious, to fuzz and drone that grooves.  A bit of “perking” if you will.  Brain meets RCA dog.  Track Five, bwah ha ha!  You’re in the funhouse now, brain!  There’s no going back!  You’re in an underground cavern in Germany and the dancefloor is bumping.  It sounds like Armageddon, and it feels like funk.  Definitely recommended.

Track Listing:
1 - institoris
2 - the bastard burns in my head
3 - epidemic (CD only.)
4 - without tears (CD only.)
5 - doom with a view
6 - under the cross
7 - wolfish
8 - malleus maleficarum
9 - fix the cruci
10 - beyond beyond

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