Proceeds The Rain
~reviewed by Michael Johnson

Many times in my life I have considered myself to be well rounded musically, having heard so much of it over the years.  Metal stuck to the foreground and became my music of choice but I still enjoy trying out many different types and styles as I never know what will pop up that will catch my ear.  Proceeds The Rain, the newest release from Sapphic Ode, is an undeniably excellent release loaded with the darkness I require.
When I first put this CD in, I did not expect to hear what I heard.  Heavy guitar riffs marched from the speakers following the cadence of the both soothing yet attitude-ridden vocals of Julee.  While musically, this would be metal, the softer vocals stand in contrast to create a perfect blend of goth and metal.  I was quickly reminded of the style Fear of God (RIP, Dawn) used to have and then surprisingly learned Mike Carlino from Fear of God played on the song “Dies Irea”.  
Anyway, the worst thing about this release is the length, only having five songs.  By the time you’re up and grooving, it’s all over.  Aside from that, there’s really nothing I could single out as a stinker for this release or this band.  They are a very talented outfit and are on to something good.  I would hope that they have a strong cult following and can see them becoming much more popular in the future.  I urge people to go out and give them a try, as their harmonies and offsetting guitar/vocal styles are infectious.  

Track Listing:
1.In My Mind
2.Proceeds The Rain
3.Dies Irea