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~reviewed by Matthew
A DJ and promoter friend of mine had always spoken very highly of this Seattle group, but until recently, I never had the pleasure to actually hear their music.  All the hype, it seems, is very well warranted.
“Terminal” is SMP’s third release and the band has continued along the unique paths they forged on their previous pair of releases “Ultimatum” and “Stalemate.”  Taking elements of dark electronics, Industrial, trip hop, and aggressive r & b, SMP stand alone in the type of music they create.
What I like most about the band, besides their unwarranted aggression, is the band’s sense of rhythm and groove, which is best complimented by a ‘rap’ vocal style that volleys with venomous rasping and punkish screams.  The band’s reputed vocal style was what originally stalled my discovery of SMP, as I have never taken to well to most rap music (barring some old skool Public Enemy or newer Cypress Hill when I am in an extremely ODD mood) nor have I enjoyed when it is integrated into dark rock or metal music, let alone Industrial.  However, before melodrama raped the contemporary rap music scene, rhythm was indeed a focus.  And before the current 4/4 thud thud thud craze began to dominate the club scene, rhythm was a focus here too.  SMP fuses both of these different forms of rhythm together in a way that does not only seem natural, but as it such styles were destined to be compliment each other.
The musical backdrop is loaded with memorable drum loops, organic percussive attacks, grating noise/feedback, political or  tongue in cheek samples, and an overall complex melting pot of contemporary Industrial elements.
SMP’s reputation has also placed them amongst some of the most energetic, intense, and awe-inspiring live acts active in the underground today.  Though I have not seen the band myself, I cannot even begin to calculate how many times I have heard buzz about their live shows which feature several drummers bang the living hell out of their instruments and whatever else they can find that would serve as percussion, not to mention a great deal of theatrics on part of the dueling vocals and use of power tools and random and dangerous objects.
This newest release contains 17 tracks and clocks in at well over an hour. It took me a few listens to really grasp the band and get into the CD, but once I got used to the band’s style, I began to appreciate them much more than I ever thought I could.  Each song stands alone, and contains its own catchy loop or sample or vocal rant that will stick to your psyche quite a bit.  There is even a unique cover of “Pictures Of You” from the mastermind of Danny Elfman/Boingo.  “The Grid” and “Mutate” stand out as my two favourite tracks, however the CD is a release that calls for continuous spins as a whole, and by focusing on particular tracks, you inadvertently miss out on the mammoth effect of the complete work presented.
This is truly an excellent release in the Industrial and Electronic genre, if you are inclined and brave enough to try to limit the music of SMP to fit snuggly there alone.  The truth is, SMP are not exactly pioneers, but they are certainly riding a wave of their very own and as simple as it can be put, they have done fans of this music a great service with the ingenuity and one of a kind nature of their sound and performances, as it introduces a breath of untainted air into the lungs of rivet heads and dark electronic music fans alike.

Track List:
1.) Last Start
2.) Chemicals
3.) Policy
4.) The Grid
5.) Pictures Of You
6.) File 484
7.) Sheet Metal
8.) Finished
9.) Mothkiller
10.) Dirt
11.) September
12.) Fatal
13.) Plastic
14.) Mutate
15.) Megaton
16.) Anthem
17.) Necron 99

SMP is:
Jason Bazinet: programming, vocals, drums
Sean Ivy: programming, vocals, drums, guitars
Matt Sharifi: drums and programming

Additional Musicians:
Jeremy Moss, Lance Hayes

Contact SMP:

4505 University Ave. NE
Suite #572
Seattle WA 98105 USA

ADSR Musicwerks:

ADSR Musicwerks
1106 E Republican
Seattle, WA 98102 USA