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Self Titled
~reviewed by Michael Johnson

Somber is one of those bands that started at the right time.  When they formed in high school in 1996, they were lucky enough to have a ton of local promotion in the Lansing, Michigan area.  This gained them a very strong local following and finally, their self-titled debut has been unleashed.
Lyrically, scorn is the theme du jour.  We have all been screwed over at one time or another so it’s easy to relate to Kerry Cripe’s In Flames like screams except in this case, instead of getting the sad songs, Somber just got flat out pissed.  The songs are very riff-heavy and actually quite melodic at the same time thanks to their dual axe attack.  Clean vocals provided by Kerry and the rest of the band pepper the songs and although they are strained at times, they fit nicely in with the melodies on songs like “Love Song Gone Wrong” and “The Autumn of Life”.
Somber is a very promising fledgling band.  They have found a nice combination of old school thrash mixed in with the popular styling of the Swedish heavy-hitters.
At times, I could not help but be reminded of Iron Maiden a la the Piece of Mind era.  Their influences run deep and shine through in a very unique but still reminiscent style.  Honestly, I really do want to see where this band goes.  They’re obviously a very talented act and they’re fun to watch in concert.  Keep your eyes and ears open for this act, as they’re not going to go away quietly.

Somber Is:
Kerry Cripe – Vocals
Jeremiah Taylor – Bass
Kevin Kitchel – Guitar
Chad McMeeken – Guitar
Mike Hudson – Drums

Track Listing
1.Fading Away
2.Second Chance
3.Blinded Eyes
4.The Autumn of Life
5.Love Song Gone Wrong
7.Broken Dreams
8.Reason To Live

Snail Mail: PO Box 27263
     Lansing, MI  48909-7263