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13th Sky
In the Silence – 3 song EP
~reviewed by Blu

Wonderfully reminiscent of the old days when Souixsie reined queen-surpreme in the underground airways, 13th Sky comes twirling in on tornado of dreamy stirrings from California. Composed of members from bands such as The Winter Chapter, The Thaw  and The Razor Skyline, this 3 song EP is enough to make my mouth water.  I liked them the second the first note played. Marvelous stuff. As a reviewer you get quite jaded and bored with band after band sometimes – but this is unique – different, wonderful. 

The first track, “In the Silence” has vocalist Otagaki wavering flirtatiously between phrases – her voice sing songy yet edgey and raw. This is nearly a perfect example of what I find most appealing in female gothic vocals. Yum!  The second track, “Pretty Life,” while a bit more mellow, is full of beautiful, echoing watery vocals much akin to the haunting sounds of Belly.  The last track, “A New Ritual” is the track I played at the StarVox LIVE in Seattle. With its driving, up-tempo beat; it’s a perfect club track. The guitars and keys through out are powerful and masterfully executed. In a scene that is almost inundated with synthesized bands, its oh so refreshing to hear real instruments being played.

Definitely a band to put on your “ones to watch” list. 

- In the Silence
- Pretty Life
- A New Ritual

13th Sky is:
Jonah Otagaki - vocals, guitars
Steven Jennings - Bass
Daniel Dresden - vocals, keyboards
Ken Ginnard - Keyboards
Corey - Guitars
PO Box 411
Santa Clara, CA 95052

13th Sky NEWS!
13th Sky debuted the NEW song "faithless (part 1)" at the Requiem's one year aniversary! The song is a bit differant than the previous work in the way of using samples and loops.Check it out at...
There is a Yahoo Club "A New Ritual" that been created for fan/friends. The Web address to access this Club is:
13th Sky members Steven Jennings and Ken Ginnard teamed up with Orlando (of The Shadow Cabinet) to record tracks with Dan Beviener and his new band"Spirit of the Staircase". The song "What Not to Say" can be found here...*wiB89cxBQhzhmlyx6w$$
There is also a new Winter Chapter archive... (Steven Jennings previous band)
Also be on the lookout for the songs "The Pretty Life" and "In the Silence"  re-mastered by Bari-Bari of Mephisto Walz(ex Christian Death)   Coming soon!