Bone Peeler 
~review by Jyri Glynn

With the 1999 release of Eevil Young Flesh, Wumpscut took the US underground club scene by storm, merging electronic dance music with the severity of industrial German lyrics.  Translated lyrics reveal to the listener subject matter which one could only imagine being fashioned by the mind of serial killer.  This one man band clearly paved the way for the invasion of German industrial bands that now proliferate the US club charts. 

I must admit that this album did not leave my cd player for weeks and I found myself feeling great relief that sounds of the old-school industrial greats have once again been revived. 

Wumpscut continued to release albums over the next few years but for what ever reason none of them grabbed me quite like Eevil Young Flesh.  That is, not until I heard Bone Peeler!   This release has just the right dose of electronic-induced angst. 

The first song on the album, "Crown of Thorns" is probably my least favorite on the album only because it so closely resembles the single "Wreath of Barbs" from Rudy’s previous release, but fortunately the album quickly advances with the next song, "Just a Tenderness".

Lyrically, the third track "March of the Dead" resembles something you would expect to hear on a Night of the Living Dead soundtrack while "Fear in your Eyes" seems to conveys a deeper subject matter addressing a fear of god. 

God’s just a bad invent
By Christ with a sad intend
To adjust and to co-exist
With a fear of the law of fist 
I don’t believe in God but …
…I’m afraid of him at least

 The album continues in edgy, war and death driven themes with tracks "Rise Again and Final Warning".   Both songs are good, but maybe just a tad too repetitious.  The track "Fallen Angel", however, quickly kicks the album back into high gear with its thunderous danceable beats and raspy vocals. 

"Scavenger" is the closest thing to a ballad you will ever get from this band.   With its melodic synth parts and whispering lyrics, the song gently sways its listener to a tale about the disposition of life.   Not a common theme on any of Wumpscut’s albums.

"In the peace of Night" opens with a haunting feel much like the previous track but with a slight Depeche Mode-esque groove to it.  The track slowly builds in desperate tension with whispering vocals, added drums and a siren keyboard riff.

Kill all our Children
And do it here right now
Kill all our children
And help us overcome

…With tears in our eyes we make sacrifice

With this latest release, Wumpscut once again demonstrates a fine balance of industrial angst and creative electronic-based dance music that leaves its fans storming for the dance floors.

Also look for a double release of Bone Peeler which will include new songs and remixes. 

Official Website: http://www.wumpscut.com/
Metropolis Records: http://www.metropolis-records.com/