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~reviewed by DJ Xian

Of mathematical precision to ellicit drool from schools of fractal worship and of tribal intensity that would appease the most removed from society, noise artist James Vietzke (Holocaust Theory) thrusts a second CD release into your neural patheways through his solo project, ZymOsiZ.  Noiy; an sound experience that drags you down and back again and leaves no altered state unfamiliar. 
This is no smashing of dilluted noise generated by television and radio static, burned onto CD and inappropriately revered as talent.  The self negating "Signal In", with enough layered complexities to rightfully demand several passes, will satiate even the most deprived of electronic noise fans.  The cold minimalistic drone of "Antict" and "Quest" challenges one's attention to the foremost levels of reality lest it slip through your grasp.  And asserting control before manipulating the listener to new audiosomatic levels successively, the title track "Noiy" follows a gradual line of heightened sophistication.  An elaborate composition of electronic variations and dark soundscapes,"Noiy" effortlessly paves the way for the disreveried experience of "Dante" and the choice distortions of "Stompers".  The cherry on this analogue sundae is "Tears and Laughter".  A track that indifferently drags you through a schitzophrenic mindscape before abruptly dumping you back to where you began.  You do not simply listen to Noiy, you are infected with it.  This is the precision of a true noise artist.  

James Vietzke single handedly evokes the ultimate transmission of man through machine and crams out enough assiduous damage to leave you in appentent anticipation for the next step on his journey.  This is the Noiy experience.
1.  Lifeline 
2. Ophelia 
3. Signal In 
4. Metropolis 
5. Quest 
6. Antict 
7. Noiy 
8. Dante 
9. Stompers 
10. Bacchus (extended) 
11. Tears and Laughter 
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