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Death In Dresden
@ Buried Alive (Hully Gully)
Downey, CA 
June 7th, 2002
~review and photos by Blu
From their webpage: "The name, Death In Dresden comes from a war crime that was unnoticed by the public due to the fact that the governments in charge hid it and denied it. Dresden was a non-strategic city in Germany where scores of civilians were repeatedly bombed. The city was in short burned to a crisp. And the name is a statement of our failed human existence and the song writer's lack of faith in humanity and any chance of a reprieve."
I was excited to see this ambitious two-man project. I had heard their last show at Release the Bats was really good and having met Maury, the seemingly soft spoken vocalist/guitar player, I was sure we'd be in for a good show. I wasn't familiar with any of their music yet so that's always a bit of a disadvantage but I was hopeful nonetheless.

Hully Gully, the venue that hosts Buried Alive on the first Friday of every month is a bit south of LA and a little off the beaten path. It's not a dive, but its not your typical glitsy LA club either... and I think we kind of like it that way. The barmaids with their fu-fu hair remind me alot of girls I disliked in highschool (only they're friendly here) and occasionally there's a big burly biker or two but overall, its down right comfy. There's plenty of seating, the drinks are very reasonable and the food is cheap and delicious (especially at 1am - try the chicken strips...... mm mm good.)  Food, drink and good music. I can't think of a better way to spend a Friday unwinding. 

The band took the stage shortly after midnight. The first two songs were a bit touch and go as the band battled a few technical problems. Still, a steady beat and melodic rhythm was evident enough but Maury's vocals were either very low or he was holding back (or perhaps a combination of the two.) A few people up in the front row swayed to and fro. By the third song the band seemed to have found their performance feet and things picked up considerably. By that time Gitane Demone had arrived and had pulled yet more people up front with her to dance. She invariably inspired the crowd who began to move more and more and likewise, the band seemed to gain momentum. The last three songs - "the edge," "in the woods" and "the clip" absolutely kicked ass. Maury's vocals had become more assertive and the music seemed harder and more enthusiastically played. It definitely has its foundation in deathrock but I did catch a moment or two of fun nostalgic 80's darkwave bursting through I think.  I, like everyone else, was eventually caught up in the moment and near the end of the show, the band had everyone dancing. Infact, as they left the stage, Maury half chuckling, pointed to Gitane and Brandon (who had danced the entire set) and said, "I'd like to thank my dancers..."

Final conclusion?  Death in Dresden is a band who has huge potential. Next time I'd really like to see them get comfortable enough to really cut loose and let us have it. Come on boys - we can take it - give us all you got! :)

Set List
1. death and the game.
2. the cage.
3. blood of love.
4. silent fixation.
5. seduced by the night.
6. the edge.
7. in the woods.
8. the clip

Death in Dresden is:
Maury Morfiend
Armand D. Crepit

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