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The Flowers for Luci
9 Lives Saloon - Atlanta
~review and photos by J.

Ah, the 9 Lives Saloon.  If you want to see a local metal band that is sonically (and perhaps even actually) from decades gone by, this is the place.  Album covers and posters from Kiss and Meatloaf are the primary decoration.  It¹s not really the place you¹d expect to see the Flowers for Luci, but they're good about varying where they play.

Immediately upon arrival, I headed to the bar for a drink and found Gors and Shane sitting there.  I was shocked when Shane told me that he had quit the band a few months ago.  I can remember one FFL show at the Point years ago they did as a three-piece--Gors played some keyboards here and there--but otherwise, Shane has always been the keyboardist at shows I've seen.  I saw them at the Echo Lounge late last year, and although the rhythm section was new to me, Shane was like there like always.

Somebody (Gors?) said it was about time to get started, so we all wandered into the side room where the stage is.  There was a good-sized crowd milling about.  Without much ado, the band launched into their set, like some slick black car that does zero to sixty in a way that pushes your head into the seat.

FFL's sound hearken back to a day when everything sounded big.  The drums alone sound cavernous.  You can like it or not, but it¹s one of those sounds you can't ignore.  They favor the middle tempos and a dump truck full of reverb.  Sort of like a tape of Joy Division played at half speed, but not so happy.  The best part, though, is Gors's voice.  It's about as deep as can be and still be pretty.  It wasn't as effected as it is sometimes, so
it's inherent quality was much more apparent.

The band went through a mix of songs I knew and songs I don't recall having heard before.  Shane's replacement on keys was more than competent.  As the set built up to slightly faster and harder numbers, the guitar work came more to the forefront, becoming less textural in favor of a bit of riffery here and there.  I'd guess Gors probably spent some formative years playing metal, but now has the good taste to hold back and only use those skills only where appropriate.

It was after one a.m. when they knocked off, but the place was still full of people yelling after the last song.

I also got my hands on the newest Flowers for Luci CD.  It looks like a lot went into it, and it even has a live track with the current lineup.  Check back here next month for a review of that.

The Flowers for Luci