Unto Ashes & Mors Syphlitica
Nov 2, 2002
The Pyramid, New  York
~review by Kim Mercil

After recently interviewing Unto Ashes for the Albion-Batcave zine, I was looking forward to seeing their performance on this particular evening. As I entered the venue, I spotted Michael Laird from Unto Ashes on the stage setting up. I was relieved at this since it took forever to find parking and I was sure they were on stage already. As they finished up their preparations it was time for the show to begin. They started the set with "Spider Song" a beautifully constructed medieval/renaissance style song, similar to that of Dead Can Dance. The unsurpassed talents of these four musicians was evident in their constant rotation of instrument playing. My favorite Unto Ashes song is "Serve Me" and to witness and hear this track for the very first time live was amazing. I was completely floored with their rendition of Christian Death's "Cavity (First Communion)" which just so happens to be my favorite Christian Death song as well. After captivating the audience with their own style and sound, I am going to make it a point to attend every Unto Ashes performance that I can.

Mors Syphlitica is made up of the NYC goth underground legends Eric and Lisa Hammer. I have been following their work for close to a decade now beginning with their first project Requiem in White. As with Unto Ashes, Eric Hammer's talents as a musician are over whelming to the senses. He can literally play any and all instruments that are handed to him and incorporated with Lisa's wonderful operatic vocal range makes this husband and wife duo a truly unique listening experience. Just coming off a month long tour, during which they got a chance to play with The Cruxshadows in Colorado; this was the last stop for them performing material from their latest release Feather & Fate. In the mean time, they are taking some time off to record a highly anticipated new cd. Lisa looked as gorgeous as ever and someone in the audience commented that she looked like Nicole Kidman from Moulin Rouge. The highlights of their performance were "Ungrateful Girl", "Galatea" and "Naturally Cruel". As they returned to the stage for an encore Eric had a small set back with a broken guitar string. Did that stop him? Of course not!  He brought out a mandolin and they ended the set with "Primrose".

Unto Ashes Set List:              Mors Syphlitica Set List:
The Spider and Her Prey           Whispers
Teach Me How to Drown           Ungrateful Girl
Morte o Merce                            Sins Of The Dove
Hymn To Pan                              Galatea
De Store Smerter                       Skins Of Lovers
Let's Go Down                            The Hues Of Longing
Serve Me                                     Naturally Cruel
Cavity (First Communion)          Feather & Fate
(Don't Fear) The Reaper            How Long

Unto Ashes

Mors Syphlitica