(Attrition with Anthony in Seattle - Oct 2000)

(aka Black Orpheus) 
Writer/Muse (Seattle)

Anthony Flores is a rake, wastrel, gadabout, in a word: a bon vivant.  He resides in Seattle, where he is notorious for his associations with persons of low moral character, and general ill repute.  He is cheerfully unrepentant for the same. 

Anthony's first love is writing, the second is music, and then all of those he would shelter beneath his wings.  His passions are art, music, and the people who create them.  The goal that drives him to write for StarVox, is his desire for great music to reach a wider audience; thereby insuring that corporate approved music does not prevail.

If perchance you encounter him, please feel free to introduce yourself.  He will most gladly exchange a bon mot, or an insightful word or two.  He just might buy you a drink.

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