Born in Wyoming to a family of creatively gifted people, Blu's early artwork most often reflected her environment: landscapes, wildlife, horses, and an appreciation for Native American history and heritage. By high school she had moved around the U.S. with her family and had ended up in South Carolina. There, in art class, her works began to change and become more focused on emotions as her life took on drastic changes. She attended college at the University of South Carolina for art where she enrolled in Life Drawing classes because she felt that she couldn't draw people adequately. That class became her favorite and her concentration for three more years. In the human form she has found her ideal medium -- the means of communicating the emotions she had always sought.

After some personal tragedies, she found herself living outside of New Orleans. The dark mysteries of the French Quarter served as an escape for her on the weekends. Her artwork changed once again. Influenced by the ambiance of that city; her paintings became darker, more brooding subjects. She's moved several times since than living in Atlanta and Seattle and now Los Angeles. Her artwork has continued to develop on its own constantly influenced by her environment, literature and music -- constantly trying to define and understand darker subjects. Currently her work falls into two categories: figure studies (sometimes featuring what she calls "fetish angels") and abstract poetry paintings. Both are designed to induce strong emotions -- good, bad or disturbing -- as long as they make the viewer feel something. The figures are sometimes taken from mythology or from cemetery photos and are often influenced by and infused with the poetry of one of her best friends - Ty Caston.

Although she primarily works in acrylics - she also uses charcoal, oils and watercolors. She doesnt paint nearly as much as she'd like to as her interests in photography, graphics and music ( occupy much of her time.