Brian Riggs
Ventura California

My name is Brian.  I write, play guitar, draw and enjoy art, music, and films obsessively. Iíve been an oil-field brat since I was born, meaning that for the majority of my life Iíve rarely lived anywhere for more than two years, in some cases six months. It also means that I spent very little time in the Americas, instead spending most of my teen and pre-teen years in the Middle East and Europe. Music has really been the only constant in my life, itís always been there for me on an eighteen-hour overseas plane trip or the quiet first few days in a new school. These days I listen mostly to 80ís deathrock and goth, as well as classic industrial/EBM and random eighties stuff, but my CD case runs the gamut from saint-saens to rudi peni.  I love all kinds of music, and find that I am unable to pigeonhole myself or self-apply some misleading label that will only identify a tip of the iceberg.  On heavy rotation these days is old and current deathrock, 80ís goth, punk, old industrial/EBM, trash, psychobilly, post-punk, trip-hop, drumíníbass, world, glam, death/black metal, and neo-classical composers like saint-saens and rachmaninoff, as well as bach and mozart.  Iím always in the lookout for strange and obscure music, and I love to catch a good show.

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