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Promo 2000 
~reviewed by Edwin Somnambulist 

Neurepublik is a project out of Dayton, Ohio that focuses on goth, industrial, and dark-electro. Jeff Crowell has been making music for 13 years, and this CD is a promo featuring works from the EP "Ein War Einmal...", a cover of Bela Lugosi's Dead, as well as two tracks from the soon to be released EP "Electro Chakra Therapy". 

Though it's not a part of myself that I like, I'll admit that years of music have given me a jaded outlook towards certain songs. That's why it's so revitalizing to be proven wrong on my assumptions. Upon receiving this disc, my eyes skimmed quickly to the cover of Bela Lugosi's Dead. As I've heard the original in all its forms, and many different covers over the years, I skipped first to that track, and prepared myself for what could be a disappointment. 

What ensued was a strikingly original piece of work; a new and interesting spin on a classic piece which has been turned to cheese through years of overplay. The electro version of the song is a refreshing comparison to the classic drum, bass, and guitar version. 

The other tracks on the disc are likewise superb, and are excellent examples of dark-electro and synthpop mixed together with a hint of industrial.  Tracks like "Way Out" and "Happy..." would be excellent for club play, and the whole disc would make a great addition to any radio program. 

1. Way Out 
2. The Real Me 
3. I Believe in Nothing 
4. Happy... 
5. Bela Lugosi's Dead 
6. Godfetish 
7. Fifteen 
8. Way Out (video edit) 
9. The Real Me (radio edit) 

Neurepublik is Jeff Crowell 

Gotik Neuromantik 
~reviewed by Digital Angel 

My first impression of Neurepublik was class and professionalism. This, keeping in mind, was even before I popped Gotik Neuromantik into my CD player. I based this judgement solely on the packaging of the disc and the layout of their website. I was indeed impressed and hopeful. 

Neuropublik is a goth/industrial/synthpop outfit who set up shop in Ohio, who have mixed together a splendid composite consisting of Cure-like bass lines and light, fast guitars, early Nine Inch Nails type synthesizing, and a hint of Sister Machine Gun’s signature lush, sordid progression. 

The first track hooked me immediately. My expectations had been met. “Hidden Sanctuary” is delicately spun with samples giving way to the desperation and longing of wanting something better. Something more. “Eulogy” most resembles the Cure with elegant violin plucking as the tracks closer. The vocals remind me of Bauhaus a bit. “Happy” includes an amusing sample….”You’re happy. I hate that.” Fantastic! 

Gotik Neuromantik will be placed in my car with the rest of the CD’s I listen to most frequently. Excellent for club play. I expect to hear more from Neurepublik in the future. 

Track Listing: 
Hidden Sanctuary 
Way Out 
The Real Me 
Le Mat 
I Believe In Nothing 
Unlimited Power 

Neurepublik is: Brad Johnson, Jannice Larkin, Jeff Crowell 


Electro Chakra Therapy 
~reviewed by Mike Ventarola 

Jeff Crowell is the mastermind behind Neurepublik. Despite his American roots, he is unafraid to go beyond the parameters of music and dive headlong into the sophisticated imagination pool often shared by European contemporaries.  There is an unmistakable adeptness to deliver an awesome body of tunes that tenaciously grabs the psyche that won’t let go. Crowell’s brilliant, thought provoking lyrics, embedded in multiple layers of highly addictive sounds have garnered him some notoriety in underground circles already. His  utilization of electronic wizardry often found with import music from Germany and other parts of Europe will ultimately bring him fame and fortune before long.  Couple this brilliance with the fact that he lacks pretension and is a down to Earth, perfect gentleman, and you have an artist whom you can’t help but like and root for. 

Electro Chakra Therapy is another EP in the list of musical recordings that the artist has created. He  musically cogitates new worlds and realities that often poke holes into long held paradigms within the human condition. 

"Godfetish" takes the God-is-within ideology and merges it to up to the minute dance rhythms. 
The potent sound helps to enlighten us and cause us to query things we have often been taught were taboo by the established religions of the world.  "…humanity with vain pretensions cannot leave their own inventions / cannot believe a god could be within their physiology /afraid of their mortality they fabricate theology /is it so hard to have faith in angelic advent from within…" 

"Unlimited Power" utilizes the common theme of a one sided relationship. Often we choose partners who are abusive and neglectful which forces us to parlay a dance of mental S&M until we cannot take much more. This song focuses on this aspect but also delves with reclaiming the self once we are free from this romantic tragedy.  "Domination games & empty thoughts behind your eyes /to think that I believed in all your lies.../& when you left me, something changed inside/ unlimited power to rule my life.." 

"Fifteen" deals with the angst of the past. It blends sound samples and Middle Eastern style percussion during the intro that is exotic and sensual. In essence, we are all forced to peer unhappily beyond the chasm of time to realize our limitations with life, dreams and the people we cared about.  " Take me back to where our dreams have died /take me back to where your feeling hide /one last time so I can hold your hand/one last time to make you understand…" 

"Hidden Sanctuary" was created in honor of the station on MP3 of the same name. The ever sensitive Crowell saw some underhanded things being conducted by some former artists who were featured on the station that were quite vicious to the station manager. In a nutshell, artists who were given a lot of support financially and promotion wise, who were finally getting some media attention, fans and money tried to usurp the station away from its creator for their own selfish gains. Neurepublik reacted by creating a song about getting away from it all and putting things back into perspective. The song helped solidify the team spirit of the other artists who were also aghast at this blatant attempt at misappropriation of someone else’s tireless efforts. 

It is not as dance oriented as the other cuts featured, yet it remains one of the more popular songs this artist has created. Many listeners have declared that the refrain from this tune replays in their head long after they have heard the song. In between the music, there is some sampled dialogue from the film, Logan’s Run, that is impeccably placed at just the right point to deliver a more atmospheric meaning. 

When all is said and done, Neurepublik brings to light many ideation’s concomitant  to the human condition. Crowell doesn’t play it safe with lyrics that are ambiguous, rather he puts his heart on his sleeve for all the world to see. He can clearly convey a vulnerability that does not belie any weakness in character. In the past he has demonstrated his gratitude to the fans who have purchased his music by sending  them copies of his cover tunes of "Bela Lugosi’s Dead" and " Hazy Shade of Winter." 

Neurepublik’s music is the exact mirror of the artist. It is pure, intelligent, somewhat complicated, stylized, tenacious, imaginative, and enduring. He has a heart of gold but is nobody’s fool. He is a living angel whose  elements are brought to light every time he sits down to compose a song. You owe it to yourself to wrap yourself into his musical world for a brief moment in time. You may never get this close to grace ever again. 

Unlimited Power 
Hidden Sanctuary