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Various Artists
RESISTOR: An Electro Dance Compilation 
~reviewed by Matthew 

This comp is a MUST for darkwave/EBM DJ’s. Comprised by Nilaihah Records, this release features big name acts as well as up and coming acts, united by the frequent use of female vocals. There are remixes, alternate versions, and altogether unreleased material featured here, and in all honesty, every song has a memorable quality and every song is dance floor friendly. 

Some tracks stand out to me more than others, The Azoic of course, always being one of my favourite bands, have contributed “Progression,” sort of a teaser of what is to come with their third full length release later this year. Kristy’s voice is smoother and more resonant than ever! An excellent track, further along the synth-pop edge than the oppressive frightening style they have been moving away from since their first release. Which is disappointing yet exciting at the same time to witness their maturity and ascension into a new realm they are obviously more comfortable with. Though still very dark, the song is more polished and electronic. 

Athan Maroulis of Spahn Ranch appears with TNV for “Televisiual,” which is one of the tracks featuring exclusively male vocals. Very cool, I think anyone would make an exception for Athan to sing! 

A breathtakingly beautiful contribution from a band called Distorted Reality highlights this disc for me. “In My Dream” is a hypnotic track, with sweet female vocals and great techno break beats. A beautiful and driving track, with a great melancholic vibe. Simply gorgeous and has me on a quest to find more material from this Florida act! 

The offerings from This Ascension and Autumn are also standout tracks, as both bands driving, anguished Goth Rock sound as been slightly modified with an electronic edge. Yet still present are those powerful, deep female vocals to retain what fans are already familiar with and love about these acts. 

Advent Sleep surprised me, as I find their usual style of metallic Goth rock sort of trite and tiresome, this was pretty cool. Wrought with feeling and spooky watery guitar and female vocals from Anita Haxsaw (lol! What a name!). Very cool surprise… 

Attrition contribute a live version of “The Mercy Machine,” which can be found on the new live album they have just released. The original version is from “The Hidden Agenda” though this version is more akin to their new style of dark Electro found on “The Jeopardy Maze” CD. 

Oneiroid Psychosis close the disc with their classic spine chilling darkwave style, this one with Kristy of The Azoic to add a little extra ambiance. 

It is difficult to review this CD as each track deserves a positive nod, but I can safely recommend this comp to electronic and darkwave fanatics, as every song is of a superb quality and conviction. An excellent scrapbook of the new wave of darkness fogging our clubs. 

Track List: 
1.) FICTION 8 – Let’s Go 
2.) GOD MODULE – Resurrection 
3.) THE AZOIC – Progression 
4.) TNV w/ ATHAN MAROULIS – Televisiual 
6.) INERTIA - Regime 
7.) BIO-TEK – Shield 
8.) THIS ASCENSION – I Wish (Rivers Mix) 
9.) MAGENTA – Eccentricity 
10.) HEAVY WATER FACTORY – Transluent Amber 
11.) THE STRAND – Cleanse 
13.) AUTUMN – Still Breathing 
14.) ADVENT SLEEP/ANITA HAXSAW – Guardian Angel 
16.) ATTRITION – The Mercy Machine (live) 
17.) ONEROID PSYCHOSIS – Non Omnis Moriar 

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Columbus, OH 43202 

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