Darin prefers to view music and sound as a medium through which complex philosophies can be communicated. Resultingly, he takes a different approach to music than some. Instead of only analyzing and interpreting music as a whole in regards to traditional composition, he maintains an avid interest in the study and observation of sound itself. As such, his tastes in music are fairly varied and wide ranging. Genres of particular interest include Musique Concrete, Noise, Experimental, Ambient, Goth, Industrial, IDM, EBM, Death Metal, Blackmetal, Doom Metal, and many other subgenres... 

Of this, his focus tends to be on that which is laced with the somber and morose, tempered by a measure of the macabre. His specific interests in sound composition and generation at a low level and an appreciation of philosophies of a darker aesthetic continually drive him to uncover the technical and unsettlingly abstract releases whenever and wherever he is able to find them. 

When Darin isnít engrossed with focusing on music or writing up some sort of review he is invariably involved in some project related to sound or audio itself. Primarily, he maintains a website, Hydrogenaudio.org, dedicated to the technical discussion and research of psychoacoustic audio encoders and their applications. He is also an active programmer on the L.A.M.E. (LAME Ainít an MP3 Encoder) team and participates in fine tuning of various other audio formats including Ogg Vorbis, AAC, and MPC via collaboration with their respective developers. In addition, he manages and programs his own software project in the form of the Hydrogen Media Tools, which promise to usher in a new paradigm in personal media management and manipulation. Similar areas of interest include an active study of cybernetics, particularly in relation to perception and cognition, a study of the auditory system and research and experimentation with software implementations of psychoacoustic phenomenon and exploitation of their effects, and research into artificial intelligence and it's implications for sound creation.

Aside from the above, Dibrom also spends some of his time on various personal music projects as a synthesist. He hopes that someday his efforts in this regard will come to fruition and perhaps that someone will eventually be reviewing his own work and spreading the word to the massesÖ


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