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StarVox Staff Question:
If we were all back in kindergarden, who would you send a "Secret Valentine" to and why?

"I'd have to give my Valentine to guitarist and singer Kate Rears. Her songs are so sweet and often about love or lovers, she deserves a cheesy  Valentine."
-Michael (see Micheal's review of Kate's CD)

"Hmm... I'd probably be easily persuaded to give a Valentine to any one of those lovely deep-voiced singers from Judith, Myssouri, Soil & Eclipse, Bella Morte, The Cruxshadows or Dies Irae. I'm a sucker for masculine vocals. Oh yeah - Voltaire would get a Valentines full of gourmet coffee <winkwink>" ~Blu

"I was always the kind of kid who gave out presents instead of card to all of my friends, so why should I stop that practice now? For Disease Factory from Velvet Acid Christ I would send a box of double blade razors to replace his supply after he included so many in his box sets.  Scott Sturgis of Pain Station would get a big hug because after listening to his murder story in 'Cold' I think he may really need some womanly love.  Daniel Ash of Bauhaus/Love and Rockets as well as David Bowie can always use a flashy new outfit to add to his already wonderous wardrobe. En Esch from the now-defunct KMFDM will get a bottle of Rogaine. Tina of Switchblade Symphony would get the full Strawberry Switchblade discography. Finally, for Bill Leeb of Frontline Assembly I would buy a Industrial sized bottle of lotion."
- Cyberina

"Cupid mocked me even at age six, I will have you know. I once fell enamoured with a tragically eloquent lass by the name of Elizabeth. She had spiraling locks that were like flames devouring her shoulders. All the kids made fun of her because she had freckles and an Irish accent. She would cry herself to sleep during nap time, and I too would secretly weep for her.

One time, I shared a cookie with her but she was too shy to say thank you. She ended up running off with some kid and gave him cooties in the coat room when I was about to confess my undying love. I wanted her cooties, man, I really did. I lost my faith in god and life at that moment, and spent the rest of my kindergarten year eating paste, crayons, and paper, all of which was seasoned with a stinging, hopeless despair. Thus, I would like to send dear Elizabeth a valentine, and ask her why, oh why did she not accept my cookies and make me a man in the shadows of the coatroom? The coatroom, where hope and innocence dies with a ghastly sigh... <hand to brow>" -Matthew