At GothCon 2001 in New Orleans
(first 3 picts courtesy of Gamma from BVL , then Blu, and Sonya Brown)
Gamma & Anthony
Blu & Gamma
Cybering, Gamma
& Rane
Blu and Anna
Rane, ?, Cyberina
Sonya & Batty
Anthony w/ Bella
Morte & Rogue
Batty, Boone, Blu
& Carrie
Gamma & Jett
Gamma & Sonya
Anthony, Jett & Jeff
Thirteen13 & Jett
Gabriel, Cyberina,
Jett & Batty
er... lunch! 
 and dinner!
Rane, Cyberina
& Gabriel
Sonya & Jett
Blu, Gamma, Jeff 
& Jett

Attrition - Seattle 2001

Anthony with 

Batty with 
Sonya Brown

Jett @ the CD 
Baby table

Blu, Batty &
Sonya the Gothic Topic Premiere in Dallas, Texas - 2000
Jett at the StarVox
Blu DJing
Cyberina & Jett
Cyberina DJing GothCon in Atlanta - 2000

BVL at the StarVox

... at Convergence 6 in Seattle - 2000
Blu, Anthony 
& Spinmistress Batty
Kate, Blu, Anthony
and Batty
Jett and Steph
at the Starvox 
StarVox table:
Middle Pillar flyer
BVL, Glitterdome,
Middle Pillar, Xymox
Eristikos, Chamber,
Punk Ass Gear Pat Brigg's Glitterdome/Living Museum Party 2000
Pat & Blu
Living Museum
Pat & Blu