Professor Jef

I, Fumblehead

Professor Jef has written for Maximumrockinroll, Buzz Magazine, Vehement Renaissance, and Debutante Dinner, and was on the editorial staff of Constellations: An International Journal of Critical and Democratic Theory. He is currently a Fellow at the Vera List Center for Art and Politics at New School University and an administrator at N.Y.U.  He is also a regular contributor to and is preparting to teach a course on the history of New York’s “Downtown Music Scene(s).”

He has spun records at Voo Doo A Go-Go, the Kitsch Inn, dollhaus, Motor City Bar, Destroyer, Absolution, Wonderland, Webster Hall, Long Black Veil and numerous other fine and semi-fine establishments in the NYC nachtwelt. He currently hosts a monthly night of wanton mischief know as TERRORSEX CABARET at Luxx in Brooklyn.

One of New York's native sons, he continues to live there despite it all. Stay pruned for further details or contact him directly at:

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