I have been told I have to write a bio. Doesn’t Blu understand now completely difficult this is?

Alright…afters pending a bit more than 30 years in NY and realizing that there was more to the world, Jezebel packed up her stuff, her two cats and made way for London, England and set up a new life. 

While in NY, she had jumped around the gothic scene both in Manhattan and years earlier even (dread we say it!?) Long Island, designed website for bands and was the keeper of both The Gate and Shattered Strength – the former an online journal of the fashion and music world in NY and the latter a website for photography, music and fashion. 

Since jumping over the pond, she has spent more time experiencing the gothic scene than ever before; being seen at many a music event, and of course, at that mainstay of the gothic scene in London, The Dev (as it is so lovingly called) in Camden. From there, she can be found spewing fashion advice to those that can’t dress and fighting debate after debate of how gothic rock WILL survive the bleepy world and how there needs to be more of an exchange between UK and US bands in order for the gothic music genre to survive, grow and evolve.

The boring part of her day as an advertising account manager makes no use of her Bachelors in Theatre and Dance and a Masters in Dance History. She puts those to use on Saturday mornings teaching dance and drama to children as she has done for the last 15 years. (Okay it gives me the weirdest CD collection of Raffi and ‘Nsync next to Nick Cave and Skinny Puppy next to Hello Dolly which sits next to Rent– but who cares?)


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