Joel R. Steudler
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Joel is a recluse who resides in a lonely fortress somewhere in the hills of western Pennsylvania.  From his secluded headquarters, he consumes and creates various forms of sonic, visual, and textual media.  That which he has created is later unleashed upon the unwitting (and largely uninterested) public.

Fearing that social interaction will lead to his untimely demise, Joel shuns the company of others in favor of irradiating himself in front of a massive computer monitor nearly twenty four hours a day.  On his computer, Joel has been known to engage in the composition of music and the illustration of various concepts, occasionally even relating these concepts in such a way as to form a cohesive narrative.  Though by most standards his works are considered primitive and unworthy of serious study, some intrepid souls have chosen to look deeper into the creations of this strange hermit in an attempt to further understand his nature, and indeed the very nature of humanity itself.  Conveniently enough, repositories of his art and music can be found at  and, respectively.

For the readers of this publication, I will submit a list of musical genres which Joel finds suitable for listening.  Perhaps in knowing this, you will be better able to judge what value you might derive from any writings of his published herein.  Joel particularly favors vintage thrash metal from the early 1990's, but has expanded his listening over the years to include much of the black and avant-garde metal coming out of Europe today.  He also holds orchestral film-scores in high regard, usually reserving the highest praise for the compositions of John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith.  On rarer occasions, Joel may listen to such myriad genres as punk rock, progressive rock, jazz fusion, and classical music.

A last word of caution:  if you encounter Joel in the wild, keep in mind that he is generally considered harmless, unless provoked.

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