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John Gedeon (aka vassago) is a Greek native living in the UK. "I can say this about music: that music is all my life. From my early years I was playing bass guitar or writing songs - I still do. Then I started Dj'ing in clubs and later on became a radio producer on a Greek radio station on a gothic radio show. Gothic for me is not only the music. In goth, music is the last piece of the puzzle. 'Gothic' is a meaning that anyone individually can be accepted as he or she wants depending on how they create in their mind the meaning of 'dark-goth'." 

"For me gothic-music is my life. I won't forget the first time I went to a gothic club (Dark Sun) and  I listened the song 'Anyway, people die' from Current 93 and I just couldn't believed what I had just heard. That was my last piece of the puzzle and the begining of everything in my life."