Kevin Filan
New York

A fixture at the late and lamented Mother, New York's legendary glam/drag/Goth/fetish club, Kevin Filan has been involved in the promotion and production of several well-known Gothic events in New York, including Byzantium and Convergence 7.  In his spare time, Kevin collects Afro-Caribbean art, studides African Diaspora religions, and listens to his ever-growing CD collection (one of the great perks of being a music reviewer).

Says Kevin, "I really enjoy getting the word out about talented but unknown bands.  There are so many amazing musicians out there who really need and deserve the attention.  It saddens and annoys me that there is so little support for new bands on the Goth scene.  Without new blood, this subculture is going to go the way of Doo-Wop or Big Band Jazz... and yet people seem content to listen to the Same Old Thing, never noticing all the wonderful things going on in the REAL underground." 

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