Mike Ventarola
(New York) 

Mike is a passionate writer with a flair for melding with the recorded artist to extrapolate all the nuances that are layered within the sound textures. He is frequently seen online contributing to a number of e-zines to maintain high PR and exposure for all the bands he reviews. 

Mike loves nothing more than seeing the music he adores spiral to the top of the sales charts. He is in synchronicity with many bands who also disdain the corrupt major labels who have exploited the artists for far too many years. Mike is known for his altruism in providing last minute reviews, press releases, and contacts at a moments notice for bands who are in a pinch. 

His outspoken candor is frequently observed on a multitude of newslists where he broadcasts the latest great music find for all to hear. Despite his quirky sense of humor he is very serious about representing this music in the most positive light. His reviews tend to consume him as he is a perfectionist who burns the midnight lamp until he is 150% satisfied with any given assignment. 

Mike currently runs a successful promotions team and radio show called the Hidden Sanctuary at Mp3.com where his playlist rotates every couple of days to showcase the artists he has signed under his wing. He also has 2 other sister shows for other genres called Crossing the Brain Barrier and Hitchhikers which are also featured on Mp3. 

Due to the exposure of this team, some members have been contacted by labels for signing or major music chains for distribution while others are in negotiations for movie soundtrack deals. Interested parties who wish to align with this promotions dynamo team are encouraged to contact the bands already on Hidden Sanctuary for a reference or contact Mike for more information. 

In the meantime, stop by the Hidden Sanctuary and listen to a hot team of winning musicians. 

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